When Lilly started taking the program she: “thought it was really cool. My first or second week I ended up meeting Roberta Flack… (later) Penn Badgley… He came in to record a song for his movie about Jeff Buckley. That was really cool because he;s a pretty big celebrity… Elizabeth Chan, she has this pretty big thing on Yahoo and she’s in a Morgan Spurlock documentary.”

“Steve (mentor) tells me what time to come in, in case I have to come set up for a band. It’s always different really because you got to mic every instrument their doing you have to do it right. Like a drum set you have to do an overhead microphone and then one in the kick drum, you have to put a pillow so it doesn’t vibrate. When you’re done with that you have to plug them all in. I just got done with the patch bay lesson, he (my mentor) is showing me how to patch everything in. I’m only on lesson 6 but he had me sitting in on another student’s lesson where I learned the basics of Pro Tools…When you’re done setting everything up you sit in the control room with the artists.

Sometimes they ask what you think and you just give an honest opinion and usually it works of fine. Elizabeth Chen would always ask me what I think. I tell her and we like similar music and we give each other ideas, it’s really cool. It’s interactive.

— Lilly Carey, Verplanck, NY

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