Learn About Time Management From Your Mentor

“Lesson 2 with my mentor showed me how important the bit and sample rates are to make a great quality recording. My mentor also explained to me, in depth, how tape machines work, as well as how they have a much more natural sound than digital recordings. In addition, I was invited to observe what my mentor was doing during an actual session. When I went to the session, I saw how hectic a studio becomes when there is a strict deadline that must be met.”
— Steven Slovak, Ennis, Texas

Learn By Observing

“This session with my mentor was very different from my previous ones. This is because my mentor scheduled a rapper to record during my session. During this session, my mentor recorded, while I watched and observed the process involved in recording. I also got a chance to interact with the clients, observing how my mentor interacted with the clients as well. This was a very important lesson since it was the first time I saw a recording session in progress.”
— Laurie Spector, Bethesda, Maryland

Work with Alumni From the Recording Connection.

“During my very first lesson with my mentor I met some really awesome people, including two graduates from the Recording Connection program. After my mentor and I went over the curriculum, we had to play a show so I got to stand behind the Analog board and watch my mentor and his staff at work. It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait for my next lesson.”
— Bethany Murphy, Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Bring your friends into your mentors’ studio to record

“This session was extremely exciting because it’s the first time I got to record something myself in the studio with my mentor. My mentor allowed me to invite a friend to perform a song, and walked me through the steps necessary to track both his vocals and electric guitar. The entire session took several hours. At the end, my mentor burned the file onto a CD so I could play around with it more on my Pro Tools at home. Overall, my session with my mentor was an extremely productive lesson because I got to walk through many of the steps involved in actually recording a project, instead of just discussing the theory.”
— Laurie Spector, Bethesda, Maryland

Learn How to Work in High-Volume Studios

“Today was my lab day with my mentor that the Recording Connection set me up with. My mentors’ studio is such a popular spot because of its professional quality and staff. Also, not only this, but also the teaching abilities of the two head engineers and studio manager, which makes for very intense lab sessions. After the Lab I got a bite to eat with some of the producers in the studio. One of them makes amazing productions and wants me to drum for him! I am networking and loving it.”
— Jesse Rothman, Lebanon, New Jersey

Use the Recording Sessions to Network

“Today during my session I sat in on my mentors’ session. After the session, I got to talking with the artist. I got her website, as I think she is very talented and writes simple and great song’s that I would like to track. I might be able to track her and use some of her mixes as my first tracking resumes. Later, once everybody left, I sat in on an engineer as he was mixing a session. This engineer seemed like he’s my age. I got to listen to some good hip hop and my confidence was raised a bit.”
— Jesse Rothman, Lebanon, New Jersey

Get Connected With Recording Professionals

Always volunteer to help out to increase opportunities to business network. “I volunteered to come in and help out with a party that my mentor’s studio was throwing, which was in connection with Club Opera. Once the party started I was given the opportunity to mingle and network for the entire party!
— Antwan Caldwell, Griffin, Georgia

Learn Pro Tools With Your Mentor

“This Wednesday, my mentor and I went over the Pro Tools the Recording Connection shipped to me, as well as how it is different from other models. I was able to bring in my computer and show him the mix my mentor had assigned me. Things are going great with me and my mentor.
— Evan Michaels, Greenwood Village, Colorado

Hands-On Equipment for Hands-On Learning

“Today my mentor walked me through the studio and showed me how to connect everything, from the microphones all the way into the patch bays and consoles. Then, he had me do it on my own. With a little determination, and after a few tries, I figured out how to do the wiring all on my own.”
— Natasha Klatt, City

There is a Right Way to Learn.

“I learned about the directional responses of microphones, or more professionally pronounced, polar patterns. This is very important in setting up microphones because the microphone has to be pointed in the right way to attract the proper sound waves that the musician or engineer wants to create. I am learning a lot of information and the things that I have been trying to figure out for a couple years are starting to make sense. My mentor has been great so far.”
— Alan Smith, Auburn Hills, Michigan

Record With An Expert

“I brought my guitar in to the studio today and I recorded some tracks so my mentor could get an idea of my musical ability. My mentor said that he might be able to use me for a drum or guitar track in a song because he said that I am very precise when I play something to a click track.
— Devon Long, Coventry, Connecticut

Have Someone in Your Corner as Guidance

“My mentor was there when I arrived and we got right to the homework questions. We went over everything and really got to talk about mic placement, especially for drums. We are getting along good and my mentor also asked if I could sit in on a future mix session with the band that he is working on, saying it would be cool regardless if I was still in the program or if it ended.”
— Alex Martini, Oakland, California

Work in a Team-Oriented Setting

“Everything is great with my mentor! Everyone has welcomed me with open arms and it certainly has been a very pleasant experience.”
— Antwan Caldwell, Griffin, Georgia

Learn How to Record With Your Mentor!

“This week my mentor and I went over the test, and then we set up for a recording session to record guitar and vocals. Once again, I set up a microphone and the signal path we needed to use. In working with the producer we had at the session, I have been asked to play both piano parts and dulcimer for the recording which I will lay down my parts in a couple of weeks.”
— Rob Fisher, Sacramento, California

It is Important to Understand the Basics

“By the end of the session today I had learned how to successfully route mic signal through a preamp, compressor, and into Pro Tools on the Euphonics board by conducting the signal through the patch bay. I learned a lot about patching in the studio, which is the first thing that one needs to know. What a Good DAY!”
— Jesse Rothman, Lebanon, New Jersey

Take Advantage of Networking

“Tonight was one of my first sit in sessions with an artist at my mentor’s studio. I also showed up to meet the head engineer for the first time as well. He was amazing with the Shortcuts and Pro Tools, likely the fastest engineer I’ve ever seen work, so he was quite inspirational, yet, soft-spoken. We became acquainted, and I met a few other characters, as well as saw some familiar faces before the session started. By the end of the night there was an entire entourage present in the studio, which I had not expected. By the end of the night I felt confident that my presence was good for the artist we were recording.”
— Jesse Rothman, Lebanon, New Jersey

Learn by Receiving Advice From Your Mentor

“My mentor enlightened me that I was doing well and seemed to have what it takes. Based on his head engineers report, my mentor instructed me to never get comfortable in the studio. This is great advice because prior I had been trying to be as comfortable as possible. Great session!”
— Jesse Rothman, Lebanon, New Jersey

Sit In on Real Recording Sessions

“Once I got into the studio, I met up with my mentor and got to watch him directing a DVD shoot. IT WAS GREAT. We didn’t have any lesson that night, and we got to hang out during the shoot, as well as hang out in the audio room. What a night.”
— Michael Summers, Middletown, Delaware

Learn On The Job

“At night, there was a party, where 4 bands were being hosted in the back warehouse of the studio, which was sponsored by Smirnoff vodka. We recorded live and I learned how to patch our studio signal across a huge distance, and then we had fun working on the mix as the bands were playing to the audience.”
— Morgan Keown, Toronto, Ontario

Always Look For Opportunities to Learn

“My mentor is working with an artist that records my favorite genre of music, which is house music. So, I’m really looking forward to that! I’m constantly tweaking the two commercials we are working on at home, while learning something new every time.”
Aron Toplitsky, Torrance, California

Learn From an Expert

“This past weekend my mentor and I did the lesson on microphones. It was a pretty exciting lesson I might say. I didn’t know there were so many facts to know about microphones. My mentor showed me a lot of his mics, explaining every single detail about them. That’s what my mentor does very well; He thoroughly explains the answer to every question that I have. It makes it very easy for me to learn the material that we go over. I really appreciate whoever placed me with my mentor.”
Charles Thomas, Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Learn What it Takes to Own a Recording Company

“After my mentor and I finished the book work, I got to get hands on time recording with Pro Tools, creating different tracks as well as watch my mentors’ session work with a hip hop artist. Seeing the different people in the studio gave me a good idea of what business is like in the studio, as well as working to accommodate artists’ needs.”
— Christopher Botha, Carson, California

Learn With Your Mentor

I’m really happy that you set me up with my mentor. He’s just a great mentor. He really goes above and beyond to make sure that I’m really getting this stuff and also has me practice manually rather than just reading me the book verbatim as was my previous experience.”

“My mentors’ studio is actually in his home. It’s pretty amazing that the entire house looks like a studio but it has a home-y vibe. This is a very relaxed atmosphere.
— Kelly Llanes, Austin, Texas

Always look for opportunities to build your portfolio

“I have a song that I had been working on for quite some time. I brought my file in and my mentor and I worked on the song for the rest of the day. It turned out beautiful. I got to use all of my recording, mixing, editing, and mastering techniques used so far. It was a great lesson for me and I learned so much.”

“My mentor and I went over the structure of the studio. He showed me how the sound foam and diffuser foam works. My mentor also went into speaker placement, as well as how it affects the sound if not placed properly along with the foam and diffusers.”
Stephanie Barnes, Witchita, Kansas

Get Trained by a Real Professional

“It was another good week for me with my mentor. I attended my 1st session however, before coming to my session, I purchased a Macbook Pro from Apple and took my new laptop to class with me. My mentor spent most of the session setting up my computer and getting me familiar with the way it works, as this is my first Mac.”
— Tracy Laster, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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