“As we brought in more clients to the recording studio I matured in the sense that I felt more prepared for the next duty or session. You know, it’s just as long as sessions kept coming I was able to add what I learned the previous session and it was almost as though I could start to take care of things on my own. And Jason started to notice that as well, there were times when he would let me take charge and step away and that was good in a way that he thought I knew what I was learning and it just worked out.”

“They were local bands. There were a couple bands that would come from the colleges that were doing the audio programs and that’s who I kind of focused on working with because Jason figured I could handle that. I was a little bit younger and he didn’t necessarily want me working with some of the older clients but he thought it was more of my atmosphere, you know my age group, and he was totally right because the communication you need working with some of these bands members was great. One of them I ended up befriending and he’s still my friend. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Thomas Gentil, Bremerton, WA

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