In our effort to highlight the achievements of our students the Recording Connection interviewed one of our our, Rachael Kylie of Taylorsville, Utah to hear share how she is making the most of her talents and opportunities.

When getting started with the program: “It was awesome, like I loved it right away. I was excited to get in because I had been doing music since I was a kid but I had never really been in the music business so once you step in to a big studio or a small studio you’re in the music business and people are paying to be there, I was excited from the get-go.

I met with all of my mentors, I did my book lessons with your books, but the best was doing the actual sessions where the artist would come in and I would actually sit in on the sessions I really got super excited about. Because the studio new I was a singer one thing they had me doing was to singing one of the courses for a song they were recording which would actually help my career as a singer… From the get-go I was extremely excited working with the studio, meeting the people, getting the connections for my career for my singing and songwriting and watching everything happen.

A lot of what Utah is and (my studio) is is a lot of bands. Bands are really popular there which I don’t mind, it’s really cool as well. So one of the first sessions I did was kind of for like a ‘dance-ie’ type song, so they needed a girl’s voice for the chorus so they let me sing, which was exciting because I got to be furthering my career during my internship,promoting myself. My favorite sessions are the live sessions when we’re doing vocals, vocal overdubbing and stuff like that

I love that but I’ve done a lot of sessions for mixing and mastering with some really great producers that work at (the studio) and some of my favorite intern sessions have been my sessions after getting so involved with (my studio) and after getting such a great relationship with the recording engineers and with the producers and songwriters there I decided to take the next step in my career and I’m doing my own album this year so they give me studio intern discounts which is awesome but probably my favorite sessions are my sessions which I get to do at (my studio) I’m recording and it’s my music that I’m developing but I get to mic the drums and set up the vocal mic or prepare myself for my own music so I’m doing a lot of cool sessions that I love. And we even had Justin Bieber come into the studio but unfortunately I wasn’t there at the time I am so mad that I missed that. It was a private thing, we weren?t allowed to have any interns there anyway but… I’ve been to production sessions, I’ve been to mixing sessions, I’ve been to live recording sessions from singer songwriters to bands to people that are producing music for films which is pretty cool.”

— Rachael Kylie, Taylorsville, UT

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