Music Connection magazine which reaches a subscription base of more than 100,000 musicians and music industry insiders, recently ran an article on Recording Connection, lauding our students’ job placement success, three-tier admission process geared at finding the best, most committed students, and our “disruptive approach” to music production education which does away with the classroom and gets people training with real professionals inside the world’s best recording studios.
Jonathan Widran of Music Connection says the Recording Connection is “the only school offering private access to leaders who have crafted recordings for everyone from U2 and Frank Sinatra to Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé and Michael Jackson.”

We’re proud to have this reputable magazine join the likes of Mix Magazine, Sonic State, SpeakHertz, ProSound Web and a number of other publications who have taken notice of the important and vital work we’re doing to help passionate, hardworking people connect with the pros and get their careers going in the music industry, worldwide, from Perth, Australia to Portland, Oregon and everywhere in-between.

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