“When I first decided to make a real transition into the music business, I was 22 years old. I had graduated from college, and was studying in graduate school to become a teacher. I had been teaching myself the piano since the beginning of my senior year of high school, and was constantly thinking I would always transition into music when I was done with college. Now that I had started graduate school, it kind of hit me that I had to make an intelligent and proactive leap into the music business before it was too late. I did extensive research online, went to interviews at different art institutions everywhere from Philadelphia to San Diego, and eventually came across The Recording Connection. I was skeptical at first, but after a great deal of thought and research it seemed like the best way to go.

So, I went in for an interview with my future mentor over at his recording studio in New York City. The whole scene was intimidating, but my mentor greeted me with such enthusiasm and a genuine interest in getting me better acquainted with the studio, its gear, and the business itself that I felt almost immediately I had made the right choice. The first few lessons were more a conceptual foundation of recording than hands on lessons, but my mentor made sure to always involve a lot of demonstration with real equipment and movement around the studio to keep me interested. This was perfect because if I’m just sitting in one place I will tend to get bored or distracted.

The lessons became much more hands on, and soon I found myself editing audio files, working with clients, assisting sessions, and playing piano for some tracks. I also began working in other events and venues related to the studio such as Webster Hall, where I helped to direct a couple of fashion shows. Being involved in these projects was a crucial part to my understanding of the business (I still have much to learn) because it showed me how all the different spectrums of media are related. Networking is key, and my mentor demonstrated through example. He introduced me to everyone he could at events, and got me involved in any way possible. I did some work in live sound at studio events, and did some editing sound for plays run at Webster Hall as well.

As of today I have become invested in many of the projects going on in the studio. I assist sessions for clients, set up Mic’s, amps, and patch all the lines into Pro Tools, amongst other things. I started doing some producing for clients and in house artists, as well as songwriting for them. One of the clients I assisted sessions for was the VP/GM of the Wu Music Group and CEO of Wu-Tang Latino. Through this connection I am now a member of the band for one of the latest members of Wu-Tang Latino. I will be playing live keys for the band and my fellow extern will be on the Drums. At the moment we are starting practice and will begin shows in New York, potentially followed by a tour in South America! Only one year after my decision to join Recording Connections, a whole new career has opened up to me. It is a lot of hard work, but if you truly love and are serious about music, this program is the best way to get real hands on experience in a real setting. At 23, I am truly living my dream; playing music, writing songs, producing arrangements for other artists, and working with top of the line equipment in a premiere penthouse studio in New York City. Thank you Recording Connections and my mentor for opening the doors.”

–Jason Guzman, Washingtonville, New York

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