JJ Moser might have started on his search for a higher education the same way many of America’s youth finds themselves today. Turned down by several colleges (places where tuition and materials may cost at least 10 times that of the Recording Connection’s) JJ knew where to go instead. A former high school classmate and fellow drum major suggested he try The Recording Connection’s audio engineering program.

When JJ began working his studio he knew that big names came with the territory. His mentor operated a state-of-the-art facility where A-list artist don’t just live, they come to work. So while taking lessons with the Recording Connection, JJ had the rare opportunity to assist Aerosmith record their newest album!

JJ, already an accomplished drum technician, had recently begun working with guitars as a way to expand his potential in the industry, a mindset our program strives for with each student. Luckily, the opportunity came for him to put this into practice when the band came to record. Even when he knew the band was coming to the facility, JJ expressed excitement and disbelief seeing Joe Perry in the lounge waiting to get to work. While JJ too was ready to get started, having the honor of working with these artists was not all glitz and glamour. After a few months of working long hours, learning new equipment, driving for the band and working under a shroud of secrecy JJ was asked to assist with Aerosmith’s guitar technician.

In his time, JJ was able to piece together a rare glimpse into how mainstream-artists work and communicate. “They remind me a lot of how I work with my own (bandmates)” JJ said when asked about the lasting impressions he got from his time in studio. “At the end of the day, Steven (Tyler) and Joe worked together and experimented just like my singer and I do. They get excited over little guitar parts and collaborate just like any of us.” he went on to say.

JJ and our program would like to note that not all of his time in the studio was spent elbow-to-elbow with elite musicians. He, like all our students, had to learn about interacting with professionals, working at a high-level and ensuring every responsibility given to you is carried out to the highest of standards. By no means did JJ come into our program with the tools necessary to warrant such a tremendous opportunity nor did he find his place in the studio right away. Through his own dedication and the patience of our mentors JJ, like most of our students, was able to capitalize on such an opportunity, when given the chance.

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