When asked to honestly describe his experience with his mentor so far, Matt Baker had his to say: “It’s been really good, I’ve learned a lot a lot about ProTools and also at my house I use some (recording) software which is a little different (than Pro Tools) but it’s good to know all the different software’s and I’m going to get to know them all eventually. I also have a couple of friends that have their own (private) studios so they helped me as well.”

Please describe what it was like when you got started with the program:

“We kind of just jumped into it right away because he likes having me around in case he needs a drummer for a session or in case he needs someone with a little musical knowledge for sessions and producing ideas. We kind of hit it off really well, we jumped right into this stuff. He always kind of said ?If we have work for to do, that’s going to be the number one thing and the lessons are kind of going to be secondary to that.? If we have work in the studio that obviously is going to take precedent’s but it’s been cool because he always invites me to come sit in on sessions and things like that.. So we just dove right in, we get a long famously. We had a good old time hanging out at the studio, even if there are days that I don’t even have a lesson and I go into watch him work.”

Matt Baker, Miami, FL

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