Learn One on One With Your Mentor

“I arrived and my mentor and I started going over the lesson and quiz right away. Like usual, my mentor explained everything to me as we went through the lesson. My mentor also showed me each of the pieces of equipment that applied to the lesson, which he’s already been teaching me how to use. Next, an artist showed up to lay down some vocals on a track that had been previously recorded. We talked and hung out for a bit, than the artist went into the booth to start singing. My mentor sat me down at the computer, and told me to do it, and left the room. He caught me by surprise, and I was a bit nervous and unsteady at first. But I started doing it, relaxed, and really enjoyed being in control of the recording process, as well as working with the singer. I also helped hang some lighting fixtures before I left the studio for the day, just random things to help the studio out, but cool and informative non-the-less. All is going great with the Recording Connection, and I’m learning more and more. I feel great about the work I have been doing, and I can’t wait to be employed in my future career.”
— Benjamin Brown, Austin, Texas


Record Your Own Band in Your Mentor’s Studio

“I brought my band back into my mentors’ studio to finish recording my bands song. My band and I were there for quite awhile and my mentor was very happy with the progress that I had made. The bass, vocals, and two guitar parts are done now, and I will soon record the drums at my house. I definitely am more comfortable with basic functions in logic now that I have been in the Recording Connection, and I am happy with my progress. My band was very excited to come into the studio and liked my mentor a lot. I definitely feel that I am learning the programs well. I have now recorded my bands entire song, and now have started on mastering the song using Logic.”
— Devon Long, Coventry, Connecticut


Learn From Real Industry Professionals

“I had the opportunity to watch my mentor work with a client during a writing session. My mentor was very friendly, and we spent some time talking about music and many other subjects. It was very interesting to watch my mentor work with his client because they were able to write a new song for his client in less than a day. I am learning more about the daily workings of the studio and my mentor has been very patient with me, which I appreciate.”
— John Moser, Downey, California


Learn how to use shortcuts in Pro Tools from your mentor

“I just got my MBox and Pro Tools, which I installed, and I am starting to get the hang of things more and more, and things are coming more naturally to me. I have had a fun time getting used to my equipment, and making beats. I really enjoy all the features of Pro Tools, and every week I learn something from my mentor that I can use, which helps me in my music.”
— Maxx Limbourne, Redlands, California


Learn from your mentor how to be a recording engineer

“I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks, from signal flow to EQ’s. When I started with the Recording Connection, I had very little knowledge of how to mix a session. Now, after working with my mentor, my knowledge has increased, making me a better recording artist and engineer.”
— David Bonner, Marietta, Georgia


Looks towards the future with your mentors’ assistance

“Today, I officially began the Recording Connections externship program with my mentor. We spent the first half of our lesson touring the studio and its various recording spaces and studio rooms. On the technical side of things, my mentor and I discussed velocities of various frequencies and how they affect listeners. What’s good about the readings and studio time is using what I learned, and then actually applying it in the studio. As I continue to train my ears in the studio, I look forward to learning the ropes and eventually taking things into my own hands. My mentor is a wonderful mentor to be working with, and I am grateful for the opportunity the Recording Connection has given me.”
— Aaron Walker, Reisterstown, Maryland



Learn the basics from your mentor

“My first day with my mentor went good and I learned that my mentor is very knowledgeable. During our session, we went over lesson 1 and then I got an insight of digital sampling. A lot of the information given to me was just the basics so I expect to learn a lot more. Then, my mentor played some songs for me that he was working on, which really made me excited about being in the business, as well as in the Recording Connection.”
— Meuy Xaimuangmonh, Richmond, California


Get hands on training in a recording studio

“Last week with my mentor was really fun. There was a live recording session taking place at the studio and it was a wonderful opportunity for me to get hands on training. Our session went very well and everyone was very happy. I set up the recording session, as well as stayed the whole session, then put everything away… My mentor had much appreciation for this.”
— Todd Bell, Chicago, Illinois, Recording


Receive your certification from the Recording Connection

“I wanted to thank the Recording Connection very much for your continuous attention to my progress. My relationship with my mentor remains very good and he is very helpful at providing me with whatever information I may need in order to get through the program, and receive my certification. The effort my mentor makes is quite remarkable and I thank you very much for matching me up with my mentor.”
— Val Daniyar, Naples, Florida


Work on your own music with your Recording Connection mentor

“Today, with my mentor, I learned about signal flow and the way it works. Then, my mentor actually let me get my feet wet a little bit by letting me mix down a song that my friends and I recorded during our last session with my mentor. It came out pretty good if I should say so myself. As of right now, I’m really enjoying the Recording Connection, and I know that it will only get better from here.”
— Quentin Greely, Woodbridge, Virginia


Learn more and more with every mentor session

“My relationship with my mentor is progressing very well. My mentor is a great teacher and every time I go to the studio, I come out with way more knowledge about professional engineering skills than I had before I got there. This is definitely my goal with this program and I’m very glad it’s working. I am really starting to take interest in the business aspects of the music industry now that I’ve been enrolled in the Recording Connection.
Lesson 10 taught me a lot about Pro Tools and gave me a lot of practice mixing down sessions. The song my mentor and I are working on is interesting to mix down and it gave me experience with a good vocalist, letting me bring the natural vocal talent to the mix.”
— Alan Smith, Auburn Hills, Michigan


See how much you have accomplished through the Recording Connection

“I sat through a recording session for most of the day with my mentor. It was fun to watch new artists get so excited to see their music created. My mentor is very talented and always impresses whoever he is recording. Next, my mentor and I spent a couple hours on a song that I worked on for a month while on holiday break. I used all the techniques for editing, mixing, and mix down that I learned from my mentor. I learned a lot and my mentor got to see what I have accomplished and where I am at since I first enrolled in the Recording Connection. We also worked on a song that I recorded a year ago. It actually showed where I started with my knowledge of Audio Engineering and where I am at now.”
— Stephanie Barnes, Wichita, Kansas


Network with your mentor’s clientele

“Things have been going really well with my mentorship and I have started doing hands-on work. My mentor has even invited me to watch a band mix a few songs they recently recorded in the studio, and I’ll be recording a song by one of my friend’s bands in a couple weeks as well. Everything’s going just fine!”
— Laurie Spector, Bethesda, Maryland


Apply your lessons to real life situations with your mentor

“The lessons are very good in the studio with my mentor in terms of asking questions about the business side. On top of the lessons, I am learning a lot about what makes a good live studio and acoustics.”
— Alex Martini, Oakland, California


Learn to record for large scale companies

“This week my mentor and I rerecorded some songs for the Detroit Medical Center. This was a very interesting experience, as these musicians were very talented. It was a great experience recording such a classic song, and it gave me a wider perception of how everything is recorded at one time.”
— Alan Smith, Auburn Hills, Michigan


Increase your knowledge in the recording industry every week through the Recording Connection

“I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks from my mentor, from signal flow to EQ’s. When I first started with the Recording Connection, I had very little knowledge of how to mix a session. Now, after working with my mentor, my knowledge has increased, making me a better recording artist, as well as engineer.”
— David Bonner, Marietta, Georgia


Learn to apply your reading lessons to your session with your mentor

“Working with my mentor is really great. My mentor is a really good guy, and I am getting along with him great. He really is great at his job and I am learning a lot from him, as well as the lessons from the Recording Connection. I am very excited to be a part of the Recording Connection, as well as to be working with my mentor.”
— Ryan DeFrees, Reading, Pennsylvania


Work through the nerves with your mentor

“Today was a great first day with my mentor to start the Recording Connection program off. I was finally able to get all my nervousness out after getting another run threw of my mentors’ studio. It was definitely nice to get a look at the amazing studio I’m going be learning in.”
— Steven Scott, Thornton, Colorado


Work with your mentor and his team

“Everything is going great at the studio with my mentor! I am very happy with my mentor and his team, as everyone is great and a big help. Anything I need help with, my mentor and his team are always glad to answer the question. Next, I will be setting up my first session with an artist I know. I talked to my mentor about it and he said anything I need help with, he can do. Everything is great!”
— Tasia Steedley, Waldorf, Maryland



Learn Your Way Around the Recording Studio

“The Recording Connection is easily the best program I have ever been in, in my entire life. I also want to thank the Recording Connection for matching me with this my mentor, as my mentor has an amazing studio setup, with an amazing staff, as well as amazing music tastes all around that I relate to.”

— Chris Hogue, Poway, California


Learn How to Use Recording Industry Equipment

“This week, with my mentor given to me from the Recording Connection, we discussed consoles. This was great because I gained a deeper understanding of how consoles work and the signals crossing through them. Also, during this lesson, my mentor and I got to talk a lot more about microphones.”
— Jacob Altaras, Kirkland, Washington

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.