When I joined the Recording Connection, I already had one year of experience in the music industry. At that time, I had built my own mobile recording studio, made custom to travel on the road to encompass all of my equipment that entailed recording my clients. My mobile studio held, and still holds to this day equipment such as my pre amps, MBox, in which throughout the program I began to collect more and more. I currently now have three different MBoxes since graduation, as my own music career is booming.

When I first decided to join the Recording Connection, I had already had my mobile studio set up. What I needed to learn was how to use my equipment better, and because of the Recording Connection, and the training from my mentor, I have now mastered my equipment and my own mobile recording studio clientele has continued to flourish. Since my enrollment in the Recording Connection, my career in the music industry is a success. As I look towards the end of my program, as I have a few weeks left, I have already began to work on several very high profile projects, where I am now traveling back and forth in my mobile studio to go on tour with E-40, Tech N9ne, keak da Sneak, A-Wax, C-bo, San Quinn, American Idol’s Amanda Hawkins, Glasses Malone, T-Nutty, Julox, Brotha Lynch, Marvaless and too many others list!

My mentor through helped me out with everything since I joined the program and my success has really become a reality due to his help, as well as the opportunity to fine-tune my skills in the industry. My mentor went up and beyond the reading curriculum required of the program, always taking it one step further and going outside the curriculum and teaching me skills and techniques that has made me such a success today. My mentor spent extra time with me to go over my own business projects and helping me put my work out into the industry to get exposure. What I needed was to learn the technical aspect and the various techniques needed to successfully record artists, and increase my clientele. Overall, once I joined the Recording Connection, it all became easier for me. I immediately started recording platinum artists. Thanks to my mentor, and the Recording Connection, this has made me a successful member and asset to the music community and I am now the proud owner of my own company, Curbside Services. Thank you to the Recording Connection, I appreciate everything.

— Travis Cole, Parker, Colorado

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