Confidence is always key, in life and in business. In our program a studentʼs business generally is his or her way of life. Our students join because their passion for music has taken them beyond the status of a “casual listener” and into the sometimes thankless profession of music production.

Even with many of our students having spent time as an engineer or artist before enrolling most every member of the program finds that the confidence to achieve in the studio is even more important than what you’re making there.

That’s why our mentors take great pride in learning our students strengths and weaknesses in an effort to help him or her find their inter-voice as effectively as possible. The sooner our students find
their place, and there own skill in the studio, the more opportunities theyʼll get.

“My goal has always been live sound engineering and I definitely wanted to learn recording basics too because you have to learn the specific microphones and everything so if I had to record a live concert I want to know everything I have to do it right, which is why I took this program.

I just got done with the patch bay lesson and my mentor is showing me how to patch everything in. Iʼm only on lesson 6 but he had me sitting in on another studentʼs lesson where I learned the basics of Pro Tools…When youʼre done setting everything up you sit in the control room with the artists. Sometimes they ask what you think and you just give an honest opinion and usually it works of fine. Elizabeth Chen would always ask me what I think. I tell her and we like similar music and we give each other ideas, itʼs really cool. Itʼs interactive.”

— Lilly Carey, New York, NY

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