From outward appearances, you wouldn’t have expected Chris Litwin to build his own recording studio, let alone start a career as a recording producer/engineer. Living in Meriden, CT, the 45-year-old was established, making a comfortable living as a senior mechanic. But he also happened to be a lifelong musician, and about 12 years ago, he got the bug for studio engineering while recording with his band in a Connecticut recording studio.

“I was just blown away on how music is created, how it was processed,” he says. “And I wanted to be that guy, and having that album…that’s what got me hooked on it.”

He bought some gear and started experimenting, but it became clear he needed some help. The challenge, of course, was finding time to fit school around his full-time job, and the nearest schools that interested him were in New York City, too far of a commute for him at the time. Then he found the Recording Connection and discovered he could be trained in a real recording studio near where he lived. He enrolled, and was placed as an extern with Grammy-winning producer/engineer Edwin Ramos (Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige), who happened to run his own studio out of nearby Waterbury, CT.

“It just blew me away some of the recordings that he has in that studio, and how he makes it sound,” says Chris. “The guy’s an absolute genius.”

Not only did Chris get the opportunity to learn one-on-one from a top industry producer, but he also formed a tight friendship with his mentor. “Chris is very motivated, very focused,” says Edwin. “One of my best students…He deserves everything that he’s got and everything that’s coming for him.”

The bond has lasted well beyond graduation. In fact, when Chris recently decided to build his own recording studio in Danbury, he got help with the buildout from none other than his former mentor, Edwin Ramos!

Now beginning to accept new clients at his studio (which Chris has named Hat City, after Danbury’s history as the origin place for Stetson hats), he’s very grateful for what he’s learned and what he has in front of him.

“I love it,” says Chris. “I sit in my studio and I go, ‘I’m thankful for what I have.’ I’ve worked very hard for what I have, and I’m very thankful.”

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