Anthony Alvarez, a Recording Connection Student, had this to say about his time in the program so far.

“I am an independent artist and a writer (also) I am a hip-hop artist. I do a lot with hiphop or what some people would consider underground…I do shows, I host independent shows, I’ve been doing it for about five years and throughout that time I’ve been engineering my own music but I want to get more in-depth and get a more professional feel for the standards and also the boards because I’m just used to working with software and little MIDI controllers interfaces and microphones.”

“I’m just ready to take the next step, ” he went on to say. “Before I even started my lessons in the studio, they let me come in to sit with an artist called DJ Rick One. He has produced a lot of beats. He works a lot with Will-I-Am from Black Eyed Peas for a long while. I got to sit in on a session where he would do a ‘finger’ for a ‘hook’ for a song as well as he produced a beat that is possibly going to be sent to Def Jam”.

“That was a pretty cool session. I got to sit in on a lot of indie bands and rock sessions…I was actually there one day for a lesson when Steve Adler, from Guns and Roses walked in. He was there to record some drums. It was really cool meeting him, he was really friendly and humble he was actually really nice. It was a private session but I actually got to hear some of it in the other room.”

Anthony Alvarez, Las Vegas, NV

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