Congratulation goes out to Luther Banks, an alumnus of the Recording Connection, who was promoted by his mentor to Staff Engineer of the Company.

When Luther first came upon the Recording Connection, he had just started his own recording studio.  However, he noticed the smaller studios were being shut down and needed to move into a larger recording company to learn the way they were run.  In order to continue his growth within the music industry, Larry’s two options at this time were to either get a degree to work for these larger companies, or use his contacts to get his foot in the door in order to work for these large-scale companies.

Then, Luther Banks came across the Recording Connection, which both provided the curriculum to receive his certification, but would get his foot in the door at the same time.  As Luther stated “this is an opportunity to learn because I had never been in a major recording studio and I need to learn the way the large-scale recording studio are run”.

Larry joined the Recording Connection program and that’s where his mentor came in.  He studied the recording industry from the textbooks provided by the program, then his mentor went over the material.  The point of the program for Larry was to go into a studio, on a larger scale, and get acquainted with all the equipment and how, in general, a large company is run.  According to Larry, his mentor guided him through what it takes to move from the Recording Connection Program student, to an intern for his very own company, then to a paid position as the Engineer, as well as the next step to a promotion as the Staff Engineer.

Once Larry Banks started to speak with his mentor about the possible jobs available out there for him, and in a relatively short amount of time how it could be done, Larry completely threw himself into the sessions with his mentor, spending a lot of time in the studio to train.  Larry and his mentor split up this time by spending half of the allotted time going over the materials and curriculum and reviewing it with his mentor, and the other half was asking his mentor about questions regarding the business and how it is run.  According to Larry, “I wanted to take it one step further, and my mentor always supported and guided me throughout my training.  I even learned how people were paid, how the employee and session schedules were created, and overall, how the recording business is run in general.  Every studio is different, booking clients, engineers and clients paired, and it goes back to skill set, which I learned from my mentor and the Recording Connection”.

Once Larry graduated, his training and planning paid off.  Just like planned out with his mentor, he worked his way through the student portion of the Recording Connection program.  He graduated the course with honors and received his certification in audio engineering.   Larry Banks is currently a Recording Connection alumnus, and still continues to work with his mentor.  Upon Larry Banks’ certification, he was offered a paid Assistant Engineer position with his mentors’ company.  He then worked his way up and is now happily still employed as the Staff Engineer.

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