Musically, I have been a DJ, and still currently am, for the past twenty plus years. I have continued to evolve my passion for music by expanding into the audio engineering and production arena within the last eight years of my involvement in the music industry. The fascination of being able to create my own sound, re-shape musical works, and help others bring their ideas to fluent ion, are the key driving factors that led me to pursue audio production & engineering. Although my views my craft is a passion, financial pursuit is an opportunity as well for myself. Knowing that I wanted to diversify my talents, as well as hone in on my skills and knowledge of audio engineering, the Recording Connection was my choice, which allowed me the ability to accomplish my certification with hands-on experience, which remained my focal points, in which I found within the Recording Connection program.

The Recording Connection program was really helpful. I was able to continue expanding on my current knowledge and fine-tuning the uncertainties in the engineering field in an active and open environment. My mentor was very capable of identifying my strengths, along with my weakness, and provided clear explanations as how to better my overall sound. The continuous sessions provided me a solid knowledge base to secure a job as the lead audio engineer for a cable television music program. This paid working opportunity captured the true essence of the program. I managed the live recording, set-up to break down along with a crew of two members, as well responsible for the final mix that would be synced to the HD video for broadcast the world. The program has not only exposed me to the real world of this industry but it has also helped me improve my home studio by leaps and bounds, as it has given me better understanding of the tools provides greater use.

Attending the Recording Connection program and completing the set criteria has allowed me to continue to pursue my passion and craft to the extreme. I have a broader understanding of the field and the numerous ways to make financial gains. Currently, I am producing and engineer local Chicago-land talent, commercials for radio broadcast, in addition maintaining my currently mobile DJ business.


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