“Before I started the Recording Connection I knew very little about recording. All I ever did was run sound for concerts and for church events. Now that I joined the Recording Connection program, I have a better understanding in recording, in which now, even while still a student with the program, I am successfully recording for my friends when they need projects to be worked on, which is always what I want to do. I’m also now able to get that job I always wanted, recording my friends, clients, and continuing my success within the industry.

Understanding how recording is done with Pro Tools now helps me run live sound, change up the EQ, put compression on vocals or instruments, and the balance of the mix overall. This program is truly a success for me, as I have a greater knowledge of music, as well as how it’s put together, which I continue to use even after I graduate the program. Not only have I gotten to work one-on-one with a famous producer/engineer, but working with my mentor, who is a Christian Hip Hop artist, has shown me how hip hop recording is done to perfection, like how things get layered, how to make a good sounding track even better, as seen in the track that I have recorded with the help of my mentor. So, because of the Recording Connection I am finally getting that job that I always wanted.”

— Mitchell White, Dorr, Michigan

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