“I began my course at the Recording Connection with a limited knowledge of the recording industry. I had spent several years as a DJ and self taught producer however my self-training could only take me so far and I wanted to take my skills to a professional level. I had researched all the top schools available at the time however Recording Connection stood out as it provided an on-the-job training atmosphere, flexible scheduling, as well as being a great deal cheaper than the alternatives. Additionally it provided the opportunity to be placed locally which was a huge plus.

Once I began my courses I couldn’t have been happier. I was placed at a very prominent recording studio, which is located right in the heart of Times Square (penthouse level!) and is located in a building with a phenomenal amount of recording history (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Tupac to name a few). My mentor was extremely knowledgeable and accommodating from the start and provided a very comfortable and personal learning environment. The course consisted of one-on-one lesson time once a week as well as group labs at least once a week. Through the labs we were exposed to every aspect of studio life. We ran our own sessions, setup and ran live sound at some of NYCs largest venues, helped engineer music video shoots, assist in a console tear-down and set up, and even had the opportunity to be filmed in a reality show. On the audio side I had the opportunity to learn on a wide variety of equipment. Not only have I had the opportunity to work on a top selection of outboard gear, mics, and Pro-tools HD, but I also had the opportunity to learn on three different consoles. (SSL 9080j, Euphonix System 5, and Digidesign Control 24) I even had a chance to assist in the decommissioning of a console and the building of the new one along with the re-wiring that goes along with it.

As I worked further and further through my course I was brought into the studio more and more outside of class. About nine months after I began my course I was engineering my own sessions and getting paid to do so! Since then I have stayed on as an engineer at my mentors’ studio. My engineering credits include Geffen, Universal, Hot 97, Ben Lovett (Mumford and Sons), and many more…and it’s only been a year since I started the course. I can’t say enough good things about this program and have recommended it to anyone I know looking to get into the Recording Industry.”

–Dana Kilcrease, Fishkill, NY

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