“Before I joined the Recording Connection I worked at Feature Films for Families, a local privatively owned company, for about four years as a lead agent.  I went through the manager training and completed it, eventually becoming one of the top representatives to continue bringing in a lot of revenue for the company on a consistent basis.  However, an opportunity came up at Wells Fargo and I took it, as I’ve always been in a telemarketing atmosphere.  You see, I am the type of person to compete against myself, always striving to do better!

I would also say, along with my experience in the telemarketing field, I have always been part of music. I learned to play the piano at an early age, beginning at age 7, by a wonderful pianist.  I went to recitals and even competed at The National Federation Of Music on the University of Utah campus.  I even traveled to different cities to compete.  A lot of my childhood evolved around the piano, as music really is my true passion. I remember practicing 16 hours in one week to prepare before competitions!  But that was definitely NOT my idea, more like my mother’s!!!

One thing that really peaked my interest with music producing is that I used to download new music that didn’t even hit the radio stations yet and would simply have my friends listen to them so they could give me great feedback with the music I picked.  That really empowered me look up music producing schools which is when I stumbled across The Recording Connection.  I did some research with other music schools but was drawn to the fact that the Recording Connection had a studio out here in Salt Lake City!  Moreover, I liked the fact they were doing the externship program in a studio setting. I watched the testimonials and made my decision to join!

As an active extern in the program now, I’m not fully engineering just yet, as I am still learning all the basics.  However, I have had a chance to get behind the mixing board and Pro Tools, and of course, with the guidance of my mentor.  Very exciting stuff!!!

When I enrolled in the Recording Connection I had already started promoting my studio to friends in the music industry. Recently a local Rnb Artist by the name of E. Williams started recording at my mentors’ studio, who is a personal friend of mine and I used to play the keyboards for him in the past.  What happened is, I called him one day and told him I was in music producing school and that’s when he just showed up unexpectedly in on one of my lesson days!!!  My mentor was impressed with his vocal ability.  I’m only in my sixth lesson in the program and I am already learning to mix and use Pro Tools!  Not only this, but now I am starting to bring my friends and artists into the studio, really establishing myself as a serious member of my mentors’ recording and engineer team.  My skills are in the beginning stages and I am enjoying every minute of learning and having fun with it, and along with my very strong work ethic, everything is really now coming into its own and I’m excelling!!! My goals are starting to take shape as I establish myself as a hip-hop songwriter and producer!!! ”

Pierre Navales, Salt Lake City, Utah

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