Before coming across the Recording Connection, I was currently attending a private college for something I was okay at and interested in. While in college I got a part-time job, and at the job I met some people that were into music and where going to school for it. I found myself around them (co-workers) a lot, while they were recording music, and thought why wasn’t I going to school for music? Music is something I have always had a passion for so after asking them some question about the different schools they were attending I found two big reasons why I didn’t go to school for music. One reason was because of some of the irrelevant classes they were taking (ex: speech, literature, etc.) and the other reason was because they were very expensive.

After finding out the prices of what is cost to go to school for music and what the schools offered, from my co-workers, I became determined to find a school/program that was designed to concentrate all its classes on just music and was in my budget. My search ended when I was on the internet and came across the Recording Connection. I looked over the lessons in the audio program and was extremely pleased, but not as pleased as when I found out that the program cost one-fourth the price of what is cost for me to stay another year at my current college.

So I got my-self together, picked up the phone, and called the Recording Connection. After all the paper work was done, not only was I accepted into the program but, my mentor was Joey Heier (co-author of the audio course). Joey ended up being and really awesome mentor, helping me understand the world of audio production better and helping me get closer to a career in audio. Joey’s passion for music and teaching really showed as the lesson went on. I admit that the reading did get difficult as the lessons went on but, with my mentor there to answer my every question there was no stopping the audio knowledge I gained. Joey was able to see my passion to work in audio and by lesson 8 (about 2 months into the program) he was able to set me up with an interview for a live sound engineering job, about a month later after the interview I was working as an assistant live sound engineer.

I graduated from the Recording Connection two weeks ago and everything is going great. My mentor let me know that if I ran into any problems in my audio career that he would still be around to help. I still have my job as an assistant live sound engineer and loving it. As the work days go on, I get closer to becoming an independent live sound engineer (no more assistant).

The Recording Connection’s audio program is something, anybody interested in a career in audio, should definitely look into. I was very fortunate to come across and participate in a program like the Recording Connection. Now I have a job in audio that will help me in my journey of having a career in audio, and it’s all thanks to the Recording Connection, it’s wonderful staff and great mentors.

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