Careers in Electronic Music Start Here

Electronic Music mavens such as DJ Shadow, M.I.A, The Postal Service, LCD Soundsystem, Ratatatat, Thievery Corporation, Hot Chip, Sasha and Digweed, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Goldfrapp, DJ Tiesto, Le Tigre, The Chemical Brothers, Moby, Aphex Twin, and others have pushed electronic music to previously unobtainable heights.

Whether you’re into down tempo, trip hop, dubstep, nu jazz, big beat, gltich, chip or DJ’ing, you need to become your own music producer. In fact, no other genre of music epitomizes the need to know music AND technology more than electronic music does. You can’t hope to succeed in this business without knowing the ins and outs of a real recording studio. With Recording Connection, you will learn the smart way, the fast way, the right way: through one-on-one tutoring from a professional music producer or audio engineer who has worked with some of the greats in electronic music. You don’t even have to relocate, because we have Recording Connection mentors in thousands of recording studios all over the world. You’ll go to class inside a real recording studio, where your recording mentor will show you everything you need to know about capturing the perfect sound with proper recording and mixing techniques. You will also learn Pro Tools, Reason Logic, Ableton and learn what really goes on in the music business. You’ll even get your own copy of Pro Tools at no additional charge. View our complete curriculum to see what you will be learning during our hands-on mentor/extern program. Everything you need is included in one low tuition price.

The Recording Connection program has been around since the early ’80s, and we’re constantly refining our curriculum to reflect both the current tastes in music as well as the constant evolution in technology. Our Electronic Music Production Program works because it places you inside a real recording studio, where you get hands-on experience with the latest technology in real-world situations. Best of all, this training will come from an experienced, working professional who really knows the electronic music business. Simply by putting in the time, you will be exposed, on an almost daily basis, to other electronic music mavens who are in the studio working on their own projects. Thus, while you take our course, not only will you gain hands-on experience and practical working knowledge, but you’ll also put yourself in a prime position to start a career in music upon graduation.

By all means, talk to your admissions counselor about how the Recording Connection Audio Institute can help you to work on your own electronic music projects as you take our structured course curriculum in a real recording studio. We are the school that gives you real recording studio time to work on your own projects as you go to school with us.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.