Eminem and the Recording Connection Audio Program

The RECORDING CONNECTION mentors are highly-qualified industry professionals who have produced and engineered recording projects for some of the world’s most prominent recording artists–not the least of which is iconic rapper Eminem.

Imagine learning the skills of music production and audio engineering inside a recording studio where Eminem and similar artists have recorded. When you enroll in our revolutionary recording school, one of these trusted, experienced, world-class professionals becomes your personal mentor. It isn’t a pipe dream or fantasy–it’s reality.

Growing up in poverty as the only child of a single parent, Marshall Bruce Mathers II (aka ‘Eminem’) went on to become one of the world’s most popular rap artists. Since coming on the scene in the mid 1990s, Eminem has sold over 80 million records worldwide, won thirteen Grammy Awards, and even starred in a major motion picture (which also gained him an Oscar for Best Original Song). Vibe Magazine recently named Eminem the ‘Best Rapper Alive,’ and last year MTV dubbed him the 7th biggest pop music icon in history.


An artist of the caliber of Eminem obviously doesn’t record in just any studio, nor work with just any producer or engineer–yet Eminem has recorded in some of the very same recording studios where our student externs are currently getting their education–including studios in Orlando, Florida, and of course in Eminem’s home town of Detroit, Michigan.

If our RECORDING CONNECTION mentors are trusted by artists like Eminem, just think what you could learn if you externd with one of these professionals, perhaps in the same recording room where Eminem recorded some of his best work.  Again, THIS ISN’T A VAIN PROMISE, this is reality.

The heart and soul behind our revolutionary approach is to provide you with the best training possible–and we know you can’t get that kind of experience in a sterile classroom. You can only get that kind of training by working on real recording projects in high-quality recording studios, being personally trained by people who actually know what they are doing and have the experience to back it up. That’s why RECORDING CONNECTION offers you the benefit of learning from people who have worked with the greats, including artists like Eminem.

When you enroll and are accepted into our recording school, you get on the inside track, learning directly from the pros who have recorded the music that you listen to and love–the music that inspired you to become an audio engineer, music producer or artist.

We make no bloated promises, and we will not sell you on a bunch of nonsense. We will only tell you the truth, and the truth is this:

If you want to break into a career in audio and music production as an engineer, producer or artist, you MUST learn the inner workings of a real studio–you must be on your “A” Game. The Recording Connection is the only school that gets you in the door of a real recording studio, where you learn everything you need to know about audio from an experienced working professional.

There is no better place to start your career than in a real recording studio. RECORDING CONNECTION is the school that puts you there. Enroll today, and let’s get started.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.