Your Classroom Is In Jack Johnson’s Recording Studio

The RECORDING CONNECTION mentors have produced and engineered recording projects for some of the world’s best-known bands and artists–among them acoustic rocker Jack Johnson.

When you attend our revolutionary recording school, we set you up with one of these trusted, experienced, world-class professionals for personal mentoring.  Imagine learning music production and audio engineering inside a recording studio where Jack Johnson and artists like him have recorded. With our program, it’s not a fantasy–it’s reality.

Surfer. Filmmaker. Environmental activist. Recording artist. Hawaii native Jack Johnson has worn all these hats. After his surfing career was cut short by injury, Johnson studied film in college and eventually made his way into music.  Since then, he has won over a worldwide audience with his laid-back acoustic rock style (infused with the casual island culture of his home) and plays sold out shows around the globe.  Johnson has gone on to record seven studio recordings and five film soundtracks, and his music appears on multiple compilation albums.


Artists of the caliber of Jack Johnson do not record in just any studio, or with just any producer or engineer–yet Johnson has recorded in some of the very same places where our student externs are studying right now–including (of course) studios in Honolulu, Hawaii.

If our RECORDING CONNECTION mentors are trusted by musicians like Jack Johnson, just think what you could learn by studying under one of these professionals, perhaps in the very recording room where Johnson has done some of his best work. THIS ISN’T A BLOATED PROMISE OR PIPE DREAM–this is real.

When you are accepted into our recording school, you learn directly from the pros who have recorded the music that you know and love–the same music that inspired you to become a music producer, audio engineer, or artist. We make this happen because we know that the REAL education in this business doesn’t happen in a classroom, but by working on real recording projects in high-quality recording studios, being personally trained by people who actually know what they are doing and have the experience to back it up.

We offer no shortcuts to success, we make no empty promises, and we won’t fill your brain with nonsense. The honest truth is this: If you really desire to break into this industry as an engineer, producer or artist, you HAVE TO know the inner workings of a real recording studio–you must be on your “A” Game. That doesn’t happen by learning ABOUT the studio in a sterile classroom, but by learning IN the studio itself.

The Recording Connection is your recording school alternative, the only school that puts you where the action is, so you can learn all you need to know about audio from a real life working professional. Our program offers you the benefit of learning from people who have worked with the greats–people like Jack Johnson–so you can be qualified to do the same.

There is no better place to start than in a real recording studio. RECORDING CONNECTION is the school that puts you there.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.