Learning As An Audio Extern

Now what’s really exciting about the Recording Connection and Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools’ approach is it’s approach like no ordinary school, and you can do your own research on that. There are no other schools teaching you like this. This is learning as an extern. This is learning in the real world via our blended education model comprised of online lessons in our signature eBook and in-studio lesson time and hours in-studio as an extern, assisting and observing for a minimum of ten hours per week. With us, you have a mentor who oversees you as an extern and you learn hands-on. Yes, you take a structured course curriculum. Yes, your parents will be excited to know you’re doing plenty of reading and plenty of homework but our eBook is interactive and engaging too.

This is real school, but we think it’s better than real school. It’s school for the 21st century. It’s a school that says, “Stay out of debt.” Sure, do homework, but get on real projects, get inside a real recording studio. Learn from the pros. Take a hands-on approach to learning and again, stay out of debt so that you can avoid graduating with tens of thousands of dollars you’ll have to pay back.

So how does our in-industry method this help you? The answer is simple. You’re showing what your value is. You’re showing what you’re made of, to who? To the man or woman who can hire you. There is no point in proving yourself to a college professor except for one reason. That’s because you want an A. A’s and B’s and report cards and diplomas do you not typically get you hired in the music, radio, or film business. What does? Hands-on education and showing someone who can hire you that you’re trustworthy and you’re competent. The Recording, Radio & Film Connection trains you in the real world so you can get a job. Get going in months, not years, stay out of debt and build the career you want to have with us.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.