Your Music School Classroom Is Pearl Jams Recording Studio

Imagine learning the skills of music production and audio engineering inside a recording studio where bands like Pearl Jam have recorded. With our revolutionary mentor-extern program, it’s not a fantasy–it’s reality. The RECORDING CONNECTION mentors have produced and engineered recording projects for some of the world’s top rock bands and artists, including legendary grunge rock band Pearl Jam.

When you enroll in our revolutionary recording school, we hook you up for personal mentoring with a trusted, experienced, world-class professional–the kind that bands like Pearl Jam have worked with for many years.

Pearl Jam formed in 1990, riding the wave of Seattle’s emerging grunge rock movement and eventually becoming one of the most acclaimed rock bands of the ’90s, thanks in part to the trademark gravelly vocals of frontman Eddie Vedder. Over the past 20 years, the band has recorded nine albums, sold about 60 million records globally, and won numerous awards–including five American Music Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, and even a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance in 1996. Beyond the music itself, Pearl Jam has gained a reputation for avoiding and resisting the typical rock & roll excesses, and for standing up for causes the band members believe in.


Rock bands like Pearl Jam don’t record in just any studio, or with just any engineer or producer. Yet over the years, Pearl Jam has recorded in several of the recording studios  around the country where our student externs are right now learning, including studios in New York CityAustin, and of course Seattle.

If RECORDING CONNECTION mentors are trusted by a band like Pearl Jam, just think what you could learn by externing with one of these professionals in the very recording room where Vedder recorded his vocals or lead guitarist Mike McCready recorded his guitar tracks. THIS ISN’T SOME PIE IN THE SKY PROMISE, this is reality.

We don’t offer you a shortcut to success, and we won’t sell you on a bunch of nonsense. We know that the best training available to you is the training that happens not in a classroom, but in real recording studios where the real action takes place. That’s why we place you for one-on-one training by people who actually know what they are doing and have the experience to back it up. Our program offers you the benefit of learning from people who have worked with the greats–bands like Pearl Jam.

When you enroll and are accepted into our recording school, you learn directly from the pros who have recorded the music that you have grown to love, the music that inspired you to become an audio engineer, music producer or artist.

No empty promises here–we will only tell you the truth.  And the truth is:

If you want to break into a career in audio and music production as an engineer, producer or artist, you MUST know the inner workings of a real studio.

The Recording Connection is your recording school alternative, the only school that gets you in the door of a real recording studio, where you learn all you need to know about audio from a real life working professional. We get you on your ‘A’ game, so hopefully one day soon, you can be the one recording and producing bands like Pearl Jam.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.