Want To Learn Audio Engineering From The Guy Who Records Prince?

The RECORDING CONNECTION mentors have produced and engineered recording projects for some of the world’s top rock bands and artists, not the least of which is pop/rock and R&B superstar Prince.

Imagine learning music production and audio engineering inside a recording studio where Prince and artists like him have recorded. With our revolutionary mentor-extern program, it’s not a fantasy–it’s reality. When you enroll in our recording school, we hook you up for personal in-studio mentoring with one of these trusted, experienced, world-class professionals.

Prince’s several-decade-long career is nothing if not intriguing. It’s a career that includes several bands, contract disputes, and even name changes (for several years, he went by an ‘unpronounceable symbol’ accompanied by the moniker ‘The Artist Formerly Known as Prince’). Yet through it all, Prince has recorded dozens of albums (including 10 that went platinum), won nine Grammys, and sold over 100 million records during his career, making him one of the most commercially successful artists in a generation. Primarily seen as a guitarist, Prince is also a master multi-instrumentalist, often playing most or all of the instruments on his records.


A musical artist of the caliber of Prince does not record in just any studio, or with just any engineer or producer–yet Prince has recorded in some of the very recording studios where our student externs are learning right now, including studios in San Francisco. Just think what you could learn by externing with one of these professionals in the very recording room where Prince recorded some of his best work.  THIS ISN’T SOME PIE IN THE SKY PROMISE, this is reality.

The goal of RECORDING CONNECTION is not just to offer a shortcut to success, but to provide you with the best training possible. Real education in this business doesn’t happen in a sterile classroom, but by working in high-quality recording studios, being personally trained by professionals with proven experience. Unlike other schools, our program offers you the benefit of learning directly from people who have worked with the greats–including Prince.

When you enroll and are accepted into our recording school, you learn directly from professionals who have recorded the music that you listen to, the music you love, the music that inspired you to become an artist, audio engineer, or music producer.

We’re not here to sell you on a bunch of nonsense or make you empty promises. We will only tell you the truth, and the truth is this:  If you want a career in audio as an engineer, producer or an artist, you HAVE TO know the inner workings of a real studio–you must be on your “A” Game, and you need real-world experience. There is no better place to start than in a real recording studio.

The Recording Connection is your recording school alternative, the only school that gets you in the door of a real recoding studio, where you learn all you need to know about audio from a real life working professional.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.