Q&A with Recording Connection graduate Bruce Fugett

Bruce Fugett has always identified himself as a musician. He’s always been making music. It’s part of who he is. It’s built into his being. He’s an accomplished guitarist and keyboardist, as well as playing the banjo and the cello. He’s spent most of his life honing his skills and furthering his artistic knowledge.

Originally from Ohio, Bruce saw a great deal of potential in the Seattle music scene so he packed up his belongings and moved across the country to be apart it. Even from a great distance he saw that Seattle is arguably one of the most important musical creative hubs the world. So many revolutionary bands, performers and musicians come out of the Seattle scene. For Bruce, it seemed like the logical place to start a career.

However, Bruce ran into some problems after moving. Sure, he found a job, an apartment and made some friends, but making connections within the music industry didn’t seem to be happening. He couldn’t get his foot in the door. He couldn’t find a way in.

That’s when he made one of the most important decisions of his life: he applied to be a Recording Connection extern. He was accepted into the program and was soon paired with mentor Mark Naron of Fastback Studios. Fastback is a one-stop shop for all recording, mixing, mastering and production needs. After working under Mark’s tutelage for a brief time, Bruce began to make the connections he needed to make a career for himself. He also gained real world skill and experience. He learned what the recording industry is really like, from the inside. Today Bruce is working with the hip-hop artist Blak Pope and Spanish hip-hop artist Nelson Guzman. He’s producing and writing material for them and is well on his way to making his dreams come true.

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