Recording Connection Mentor Doug Boulware Opens his Own Studio

Doug Boulware recently took it upon himself to redefine his future. Who is Doug Boulware? He’s a producer, audio engineer, and mixer. He’s been working in the industry for many years. He’s also a Recording Connection mentor. Meaning, he takes externs under his wing and shows them the ropes. He teaches them how to make connections and create interesting works. He helps them gain real world experience, by working side by side with the pros.

Doug had had enough of his current position, so he made a major life change. He opened up his own studio. He picked out a place in Glendale, California and set up The Abstract Recording Studios LLC.

He even hired two former Recording Connection externs to work under him and help him run the studio. Thanks to Doug’s years of experience they’ve already started working with some exceedingly interesting clients. They recently just wrapped a project from Brooke Sorenson, of the smash-hit television show Modern Family, and a remix project centered on Dej Loaf.

Doug took the future by the reigns and it’s paying off, not only for him but for former Recording Connection students, Jesse Rhodes and Hadley Alley. The real world experience and connections that they’ve made while in the program make them invaluable to Doug. And now all three of them are working towards a really exciting, creative and fulfilling tomorrow.

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