The Advantage Of Being On The Inside

The one year The Career Services Job Assistance Program is not a guarantee of job placement program. It’s a job assistance program appointed with the mission of working with our graduates in our one-on-one manner and helping them locate and apply for the jobs and gigs they want to get hired to do in the music industry. Our Career Services Department connects with students and grads, talks to them about their goals and dreams, offers them assistance in making a killer resume, and will even coach them on giving a good interview, providing tips and feedback. Of course, the Recording Connection audio program has the built-in advantage for those seeking to work in the audio recording/music industry because that’s right where our students train and receive direct one-on-one instruction with a professional audio engineer or music producer in their studio or the studio where they work.

No ordinary trade school or college can put you on the inside the way we do. By that we mean, inside a real recording studio – not an on-campus studio – but a thriving,real-world recording studio where real artists make real albums, records, EP, and song tracks.

Being on the inside means you likely have first exposure to jobs that are opening up, where you can meet music industry players: audio engineers and technicians, mixers, music producers, label executives, artist managers, bands–all the people you need to know to create a job for yourself.

Being on the inside gives you another advantage too. You get to look around at an existing business and figure out what you could do to increase their business and if you’re really enterprising – create a job for yourself. Many of our students have done just that.

Being on the inside is a realistic path to get a job. Getting hired while you’re on the inside just happens naturally for some students who seriously dive into the craft and find themselves right where they need to be, doing the work they love and find fulfilling. Being on the inside means there’s a lot more people you know than if you’re stuck on the outside like graduates of audio programs given by conventional trade schools and colleges.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.