We’re NOT Your Typical Audio Recording School

We’re the alternative to traditional schools- the school that has its classrooms inside real recording studios. With the Recording Connection, You Get:

  • Real Situations in Real Recording Studios
  • Real Opportunities in Professional Studios
  • Real World Experience in Music Recording Studios

While You Learn:

  • Recording, Mixing and Mastering on Real Recording Sessions
  • Digital Recording
  • Pro Tools one-on-one with hands-on Training
  • How to Meet and Make Connections with Music Industry Professionals
  • Surround Mixing and Output Media
  • Plugins and other software, like Reason, Logic, and Ableton
  • Microphone Design, Usage, and Placement
  • Patch Bay and Signal Flow
  • Amplifiers and Consoles
  • Analog Recording Hands-On
  • Audio Processing
  • Pro Tools File Management and Templates
  • Signal Processing
  • Mix Downs
  • Sync and Automation Post-Production
  • Compressors, Gates, Limiters, and Clippers
  • Reverb, Delay, Chorus, and Flange
  • Studio Design, Monitoring, and Speakers
  • Sequencing, Sampling, and Editing
  • Guitar and Drum Miking
  • MIDI Electronic Music
  • How to Operate a Small to Medium Sized Business
  • For the complete Recording Connection Course Curriculum in Pro Tools, click here

How Our Audio Recording School Alternative Works

Our whole purpose at the Recording Connection is to provide you with the training, knowledge, and experience to make you employable in the music recording business, and to help you with your personal music projects. Our entire curriculum– indeed, everything we do– revolves around this mission. With this in mind, below are the core fundamentals that make the Recording Connection unique as a Recording School Alternative. 1) Experience. No classroom can duplicate the stress, deadlines, and pressures of working on real music sessions inside a real recording studio. If accepted at the Recording Connection, you will become an extern at a real recording studio, working on actual music recording sessions where you’ll learn by doing. This resolves the catch-22 of how to get a job with no experience, but how to get experience without the job! Also, we strongly believe the best way to learn a job is by doing the job, and that’s what we give you: the experience of actually doing the job you want to be hired to do. 2) Right Place at the Right Time. Another advantage of having your “classroom” in a real recording studio is that you are externing under professional music producers and audio engineers, as well as studio owners–all the people who are in a position to find you work in the audio and music industries. 3) It’s Who You Know. Not only will you meet lots of players in the music and recording industries just by attending your Recording Connection real world “classroom” (a real recording studio), but since the Recording Connection has hundreds of recording mentors around the world, we’re networked in–and so are you. If you were to take a poll of everyone working in the music and audio industries, you would find that over 92% of people employed in the music business got their first job by just doing it. An even greater percentage of people employed in the recording industry would tell you two additional things:

  • Their resume or degree from a traditional recording school never got them a job.
  • Everything they learned about audio engineering or music producing, they learned in the real world, from a mentor like the ones we provide.

How do audio engineers and music producers get their first job?

We can tell you one thing: they never got hired because they went to a traditional recording school. If you had the opportunity to talk with them, they would all tell you that they got themselves inside a real recording studio as an extern, not as an intern, and worked their tails off in order to succeed. Whether you want to be the next Quincy Jones or P. Diddy, or whether you just want to make a nice living working behind the scenes in the music business, the Recording Connection Audio Institute can help. With our Music and Audio Recording School Alternative, you will learn how to be an audio engineer, music producer and more, as you make connections in the real world. Think about this: where are you more likely to get hired–in a recording school classroom, or on an actual music recording session in a real recording studio? We think it’s just plain common sense–you don’t get jobs in the music business while sitting in a classroom. Let’s be frank: if you have a relative named Snoop Dogg, you probably don’t need us. For the rest of you, Recording Connection is that inside connection you need. The Recording Connection Audio Institute will hook you up with your own personal mentor in the skill set and discipline that most appeals to you, and for six months your mentor will teach you the skills you need, provide you with the experience you MUST HAVE in order to get hired, and become your “inside man” for hooking you up with job openings. A perfect example of how this works can be seen in the Video of Preston Boebel.

Do You Guarantee Success?

Now, does this process guarantee a job to every Recording Connection graduate? Absolutely NOT. Let’s repeat that: Recording Connection does NOT guarantee you a job. What we do guarantee is that we will put you in the right place at the right time with the right skill set. HOWEVER, if you have not impressed your mentor during your schooling, he’s not going to risk his reputation by recommending you for a job opening with one of his music industry friends—it’s just not going to happen. On the flip side, if you’ve spent the last six months impressing your mentor with your attitude, your enthusiasm, and your quest for knowledge and improvement; if you have proven yourself invaluable while completing our course curriculum; who else is your mentor going to recommend for the job? Some inexperienced recording school graduate that he doesn’t know? Or you, with whom he has worked closely over the last six months? What the Recording Connection really does is elevate the playing field you’re on–it’s like playing with loaded dice. If you’ve listened and learned from your mentor and impressed him/her, you’re in the right place at the right time, and in the perfect position to take advantage of it. You’ll have an introduction to the music industry, and all the real-world experience you need to get started.

The Bottom Line

Since 1983, Recording Connection has been creating opportunities for our students to learn by doing, putting them in a position to gain the real-world experience that really counts for something in the music and recording industries–all the while allowing our students the chance to impress the very folks who can offer them jobs in music or sound production. In other words, we give our students all the tools they need to succeed, and put them in the right place at the right time. That’s a claim no traditional recording school can make. Our course curriculum will teach you everything a music producer, audio engineer, or live concert sound mixer needs to know to get that first job in the recording business. Plus, as you learn, we help you introduce yourself to actual working music professionals who can hire you even before you graduate.

There’s No Better Time than Now

We welcome you to the Recording Connection Audio Institute for Audio Engineering and Music Producing. We are a reliable, effective alternative to traditional recording schools and look forward to helping you achieve your dreams. As you have probably heard, we are the school alternative that says NO to overpriced college classrooms, and YES to getting YOU trained inside a real recording studio, where you will learn all you need to know and make the ALL-IMPORTANT CONNECTIONS you must have to get your start in the music business as an audio engineer or music producer.

Did you ever think that there would be a school that could get you an externship inside a real recording studio? Recording Connection is not just the fastest, most effective, least expensive way to learn audio recording; we are also the school alternative that offers you the opportunity to make real-world connections while you train. There is no doubt about it; the only way to have a thriving career in music is to know lots of people. The only way to know people is to get out there into real-world recording studios and start networking. Why, then, would you waste 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars or more (and the next year or two of your life) sitting in a classroom when you could be inside a real recording studio tomorrow, learning and making connections, for under $8000? But don’t take our word for it….


“Being surrounded by people who are invested in my own progress and to be taught how to properly maneuver a professional studio environment was exactly what I was looking for, and is exactly what Recording Connection… provided me with. I met many amazing people who I am happy to be able to contact in the future…. I would seriously recommend this program to anybody I encounter looking for a similar career path, and have absolutely no regrets attending.”

— Joseph Gonzalez, trained at Engine Room Audio, New York, NY

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.