Ben Eklund Describes the Qualities that Helped Succeed After Graduation

No matter a students background or where they are completing our program we always find many similarities with our graduates that find work almost immediately after graduating our programs: They seem to have a never-ending desire to create the best works possible.

Read into what one of our many working-graduates has to say about what drives his professionalism and ask yourself if this is a quality you, or your son or daughter, are ready to tap into.

“I really wanted to master, and I feel I really learned it successfully, how to make my own recordings since I am in a band right now. I’ve always wanted to come up with melodies and lyrics so I had a lot of original music with my own band. So consequently I wanted to make sure in the program, above all else, I make sure that I mastered how I can do all of my own recordings and how to make the best recordings possible to market and I wanted to make my music sound as best as it possibly could.”

“I’m always researching the best tips for audio engineering and basically as much research as I can do and read other peoples opinion, it basically comes down to whatever works best for you. But at the very least the research on my own gave me a good jumping-off point and I can expand on that and tweak things as much as I’d like and share that with the rest of my bandmates and make sounds we wanted to achieve in the process.”

— Ben Eklund, Philadelphia, PA

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