Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers

Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers is a program about giving help to those in need, helping people get to the root of their problems by understanding their faults and offering advice for the future. But most importantly, it’s about helping those in during difficult times through overwhelming generosity. One of the many ways in which Dr. Drew has helped others is by getting troubled kids off the street and into a productive career. So when the show contacted the Recording, Radio and Film Connection about one such individual, we were more than willing to step in. With assistance from fellow television star and community activist Judge Greg Mathis, Dr. Drew and the Film Connection were able to give one very deserving young man the opportunity to rise above his own mistakes and put his talents to good use.

Tracey Wilson had lived his life as much more than just another member of Detroit’s struggling inner-city. He was the product of a broken home, a debunked educational system, a bankrupt city, and a society that celebrates destructive behaviors over education, following an easy path to follow from straight-A student to drug-dealing dropout. He was the embodiment of a culture that sees individuals quit on their own futures everyday.

It could have been very easy for Dr. Drew, Judge Mathis and the Film Connection’s administration to let Tracey continue down the path his city provided for him. But there is something many Americans are starting to understand—a truth that the 270-plus people whom Dr. Drew’s show has helped and the thousands of members of the Recording Radio and Film Connection programs know all too well. The truth is this: A better future can be provided to those with the talent, drive and willingness to change their lives. If you have the courage to take the path you lost in the midst of life’s struggles, we have the resources to help you get back on your way.

Dr. Drew and RRF are proud to support those in need. We strive to assist individuals in finding their voice through professional achievements, to shed light on the elements that push people away from the path of professional enlightenment and into the shadows of drugs, poverty and criminal acts. We look to empower others to do the right thing, not just for themselves, today, but for their futures tomorrow. Together, we can help Americans get back to work and remind this nation of its strength and ingenuity. Help the Recording Radio and Film Connection by showing your support to Dr. Drew and his Lifechangers. Reach out to Judge Greg Mathis and his community centers for assistance. Encourage those interested in the audio engineering, film production and radio broadcasts arts to find their path through our programs. Offer your support to those helping our nation through helping themselves.

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