Willie Nelson Through Entertainment Connection, graduate Mark Gilman realized his dream: owning his own recording studio. The former Guitar Center employee met his current partner during his externship, and everything just fell into place. Their Nashville based-studio, G-Mark Productions, is doing well and currently recording country music demos for Craig Holey and the legendary Willie Nelson!


50 Cent Although Raffe Perez just graduated — he was attending at The Record Plant in Los Angeles — he already got his first studio credit! Raffe is noted on the 50 Cent debut CD “Get Rich or Die Trying.”

Eminem Sierra Sonics Recording Mansion in Reno, Nevada, hired Entertainment Connection student John Waden as soon as he had completed the course. John is slated to assist Dr. Dre on the new Eminem project.


The Hives Alumnus Steve Mixdorf moved into a full-time slot last month with the Music PR division of NGR Studios in Los Angeles. Steve’s most recent credit was on The Hives’ “Veni Vidi Vicious” CD, which went platinum.

Garbage Only two months into the program at Cue Recording Studios in Falls Church, Virginia, student Mike Webber was assisting on the latest Garbage project.


Rolling Stones Recording Connection alumnus Billy Flores has had quite a career. Among other things, he has done live sound for Jimmy Page, the Black Crowes, and the Rolling Stones. Currently, Billy is out with the Rolling Stones again, on their 2003 Fourty Licks Tour.

Heart and Dave Navarro After going through the program at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle Washington, Sundance Steele was hired to assist Robert for Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist Dave Navarro’s new album. Sundance is also scheduled to work on the upcoming Heart CD, which the band plans to record as soon as they finish their U.S. tour.


Puddle of Mudd Gabriel Birchek landed a PR position in the A&R Department with Capitol Records. Part of Birchek’s duties will be to work directly with Grammy winner Norah Jones on her PR campaign.


Madonna Puddle of Mudd is in the studio at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, California, working on their second album. Entertainment Connection student Jake Herwitz will be working as an assistant engineer on that project.


Third Eye Blind Entertainment Connection student Jenny Williams was going through the program at Maverick Recording Studios when Madonna came in to record her latest CD: “American Life.” Jenny got to fulfill a lifelong dream and work with Madonna!


Linkin Park Student Ed Krishner was at the right place at the right time: he was completing the program at The Plant in Sausalito, California when Third Eye Blind dropped in to record some demo tracks. As a result, Ed was able to assist on the project.


Avril Lavigne As Sam Dupont continues his studies at Cherokee Recording Studios, he has already been hired on part time. Sam recently got a credit this past year on Linkin Park’s “Meteora.”


Geffen Records Jonathon Powell just finished his training with APC Recording Studios in Atlanta, and was hired to go on the Avril Lavigne tour. Jonathan will work with the road crew and assist the live sound reinforcement team.


Nirvana and Foo Fighters Graduate Peter Madix — who trained at Clear Lake Audio — opened his own successful recording studio. Peter’s studio, Woodshed Recording, has grown so much that he will be taking on some of our newest students. Peter affirms that the Entertainment Connection was instrumental in his career, and wants to “give back” by helping other students.


Limp Bizkit Just 3 months into the program, student Sundance Steele has been hired as a Second Engineer with Seattle’s Robert Lang Studios, who have recorded bands such as Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Candlebox.


Limp Bizkit Clear Lake Audio, in North Hollywood, California, just took on Jonathan Preston as a Second Engineer. One of Jonathan’s upcoming jobs will be to work on the new Limp Bizkit album slated to be recorded in October.

GR Music GR Music in Anaheim, California just hired Charles Drouaillett as a full-time Staff Engineer. “Charles had a natural knack for recording engineering,” reports Studio Owner and mentor Jorge Salcedo, “but your program was his ‘In.’ Thanks to you we eliminate the whole process of trying to find good help out of so many individuals trying to break in out there.”


Steven Verwey was hired as a Second Assistant Engineer and in Audio Post Production at Ambience Professional Recording in Manitoba, Canada. “Your course provided a very broad and usable knowledge of recording: everything from rock bands to orchestra and string quartets,” says Steven’s mentor, Studio President Chris Brett. “Due to your program, Steven is also fully versed in Digital Audio Workstations. How could I let him go work for another studio?”

While acting as a Second Engineer in Studio A at MetalWorks Recording Studios in Mississauga, Canada, student Kevin Neal has been sitting in on David Bowie’s new project. MetalWorks has been rated and awarded the number one Recording Studio Facility in all of Canada.


Bay Sound Recording Dan Smith, Owner and Chief Engineer at Bay Sound Recording Studios in Tampa, Florida, announced that his student, Richard Shirkey, has been hired on to be an Assistant Engineer in the main room. Richard had never even been in a studio until four months ago!

After training with Mike Castranovo at Studio B in her hometown of Rockford, Ilinois, Erin Downey followed her dream by moving overseas. She has been hired on as First Engineer at Dublin’s Music Studio Complex — in Ireland!


Former school teacher David Greenway has started a new career at the age of 42: David was hired by owner Ken Glaza to a full time Staff Engineer position at K-N-R Recording Studios. “I never dreamed I would be able to work in the music field full time at my age,” says David. “I want to thank Entertainment Connection and Mr. Glaza for this wonderful opportunity.”


Park Matter Through the help of Entertainment Connection’s course material and his training at Dark Matter Productions in Canada, Chris Nylen has fulfilled his lifelong ambition: opening up his own recording facility. Chris’ studio is called Psychoacoustic Recording Studios, and is located in Alberta, Canada.


Don Henley and Rhino Records Immediately after wrapping up his training with John Sundberg of FTM Studios in Denver, Brian Philpot was hired on by Rhino Productions: the largest live sound reinforcement company in the state of Colorado. One of Brian’s first gigs was running the monitor mix for Don Henley at The Grizzly Rose.


Future Rhythm Future Rhythm Recording in San Jose California has hired on Steve Johnson to help produce one of their upcoming projects. “After training Steve through the Music Connection program we virtually hired him on the spot to help assist in sessions,” reports Studio Owner and mentor Bruce Tambling. “James Petulla definitely placed him in the right door.”

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