As a keen musician and “wannabee” producer, I’ve always been desperate to get hand on in a professional studio.  For me, being part of the creative and that all important “cog” in the proverbial recording wheel is something I have always aspired to be.  I decided to enroll with the Recording Connection because of some key values.  First and foremost, being mentored one-on-one by the studio engineer.  Secondly, it gave me a chance to prove myself in the real world of recording.  Currently, I am sitting at Lesson 12 and through the lessons with my mentor I have enjoyed both learning, as well as being surrounded by creativity and the desire to produce great sounding music.  Since starting this course, I have had the opportunity to oversee my mentor at work with bands, as well as seen the everyday life of a professional studio, learning about the basics of audio, as well as problem solving and learning Pro Tools.

A week or so ago, [my mentor] advised me that I would be ready to take on sessions as chief engineer.  This Tuesday I was able to look after a session, as well as perform!  This entailed recording guitars, vocals, midi sequencing, and rough mixing for the client.  This whole process, from knowing audio basics, routing sound, and being literate on Pro Tools, has enabled me to move much further than I could have imagined.  Furthermore, I have been asked to engineer more upcoming sessions, which I’m very much looking forward to.

The Recording Connection has enabled me to get straight into the professional studio environment and gave me the ability to prove myself, which I have taken with both hands and hope that I the next half of the course is as beneficial as the first half has!

–Chris Biggin, Dallas, TX

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