Many traditional recording schools claim that if you enroll with them, you’ll be learning from a working professional. But are these teachers really “working” in the recording business, or are they “working as teachers?”   We have nothing against full-time teachers; we have high regard for teachers and commend them for their dedication to education.  But the claim these schools make begs the question: If these teachers from the big schools are so good, how come they have time to teach you in a classroom?  You’d think that if they were actually working audio professionals, they’d be at their own recording studios instead of in a college classroom teaching a class of 20 or more students.  Of course, the best way to proceed when choosing an audio engineering school is to do the research and get the facts about that school and its instructors.

With Recording Connection Audio Institute, your classroom is in a real recording studio, and your mentor is ALWAYS a working audio professional, someone who has interviewed you and agreed to take you on and train you in his/her own studio. The projects that you will be working on are a combination of your course curriculum and the real life projects, tasks and duties that are daily occurrences at a recording studio. There is no way a classroom could hope to duplicate the energy and excitement of a real recording studio.  Do you really think that this kind of real-world education could be duplicated in a classroom?  Imagine all the recording industry contacts you will meet.  There’s just no way a regular college can expose you to these kinds of connections!  And even if you do meet a professional or two at the school’s “career day” seminar or lecture, do you really think that he/she is going to remember you, much less ever hire you?  Especially, when there are ten, twenty, thirty or more other students in your class? The Recording Connection is an audio engineering and music production school that trains you the smart way: at an actual recording studio, with one-on-one training from a recording professional. But don’t take our word for it: do your own research. We’re so confident that our recording program is the best audio program on the market, we invite you to leave the site and take a look at other schools. And if you do leave the site, we’re sure we will see you again very soon. (Hint: bookmark us before you leave, because after you do your due diligence, you’re going to want to be able to find us again.) To Apply to the Recording Connection Audio Institute, Click Here

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.