Recording, Radio, Film and CASA Schools (RRFC) was recently interviewed by Mix Online and asked to provide some in-depth answers about what got the program started, the 3-tier interviewing process for new applicants, and the opportunities it enables hardworking individuals to create for themselves once they get their foot in the door of a professional working environment.

Recording Connection receives tens of thousands of applications every year from people all over the United States, the UK, and Australia. Include the other three programs: Film Connection, Radio Connection and CASA Schools, all based domestically in the US, and that figure rises to approximately 40,000 applications per year. Once a fledgling, the commonsense upstart founded by James Petulla in the early 80s, RRFC has matured into a powerhouse game-changer in the world of education.

In Mix Online magazine, Brian Kraft, Consultant, explains why not everyone is accepted into the programs. Discretion and being highly selective in the individuals chosen to enroll is of chief importance:

“The only reason we don’t accept everyone is because of the nature of what we do. We’re sending people to some of the most important recording studios, radio stations and film companies in the world, including United Recording, The Engine Room, Serenity West, The Record Plant, Quad Studios, Colorado Sound, ESPN, ABC , and literally thousands of boutique studios and film companies. These are legitimate businesses, and those mentors only want people that really want this, want to bleed for it, sweat for it and cry for it. What we are trying to find is…”

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