One-on-One Learning with The Recording Connection

What is it—and why is it so important?

Classrooms are great for learning some things, but for other things—not so much. At the Recording Connection, we don’t “do” classrooms—we do one-on-one learning. In other words, you won’t be studying with a bunch of other students in a classroom, but instead you’ll be working with a real working producer/engineer in a recording studio, learning one-on-one.

Why is this so important? Let’s look at an analogy.

Supposed you wanted to learn to play guitar. What’s the first thing that comes to mind as far as learning to play? If you’re like most people, you answered, “guitar lessons.” In other words, you’re going to look for someone to give you private lessons, someone who teach you privately how to play. One-on-one.

Can you imagine trying to learn guitar in a classroom? There are guitar classes available at some schools, but these are usually designed simply to give a basic understanding of the instrument. You’re certainly not going to become a great player by going to a “guitar class.” If you really want to learn the instrument, you need private lessons. Why? Because playing guitar is an art form, and to learn it well you need personalized instruction from an artist who isn’t just going to teach the basics of the instrument in general, but is going to teach YOU to do what THEY do.


That’s right: audio engineering and music production are not just skill sets: they are art forms, as well. Yes, just like playing an instrument. Audio engineers are ARTISTS who have lots of “instruments” in the studio—not just musical ones—and they have to learn how to make the right signal connections, turn the right knobs, and place the right microphone in just the right place in the room to get that perfect sound they’re looking for. It’s not just a formula you can learn in a classroom or lab: Each one of these artists has his or her own secrets for capturing those sounds—and they can’t teach it to you in a classroom. They have to SHOW you how it’s done.

And that’s where one-on-one learning comes in.

The Recording Connection philosophy is that despite conventional wisdom, classroom training in audio engineering and music production is not the most effective way to learn these art forms—any more than it works for learning a musical instrument or some other form of art. Also, we recognize that every person has a different way of learning, and a cookie-cutter training program just won’t do. That’s why we not only place you for private instruction within the recording studio, but we also give our mentors the freedom to adapt the curriculum to their own teaching style, to your own learning style, and to your own pace.

The point here is not to “get you through the course.” The point is to teach you how to earn a living as an audio engineer or music producer—to help you learn the art form that will eventually become a career. The way to do that is through private, one-on-one learning.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.