Don Zientara, mentor with Recording Connection for more than ten years and well-known producer, engineer and studio owner has just been featured in the HBO documentary series Foo Fighter’s Sonic Highways, hosted by Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl. Since the early eighties Zientara has played a major role in the recording and production of punk and rock music in Washington D.C. His Inner Ear Studio, in Arlington, Virginia, located just fifteen minutes outside of D.C, has recorded hundreds of albums. A recent article in Rolling Stone magazine says, “One man’s name is on almost every single landmark hardcore D.C. album: Don Zientara.” Zientara’s production/engineering credits include Fugazi, Bad Brains, Jawbox, Government Issue, Minor Threat, Q and Not U, Joe Lally, Dag Nasty and Strip Scream.

Zientara calls the experience “total madness in a good way. They were editing and recording, there was a makeup person, camera guys, the whole film crew and there was the band, the musicians and lots and lots of equipment.”

The Recording Connection is glad Don was featured in the HBO documentary and hopes the recent coverage will enable the school to reach even more potential students in the Arlington and D.C. areas. Placing audio engineering and music production students in professional recording studios to receive curriculum backed, hands-on training is the hallmark of the Recording Connection approach. Since its founding in 1983, the school has been provided cutting-edge education in music recording and producing, live event sound and audio engineering throughout the United States and has recently expanded to offer in-studio training in Canada, Australia and The United Kingdom.

Unlike trade school and university programs, Recording Connection places their students in working, professional recording studios, thus enabling persons who want to start their careers in music to get quality one-on-one time and the experience of sitting in and ultimately assisting on professional recording sessions while fostering professional relationships in the same areas where they live.

Don Zientara is one of dozens of professional music producers and audio engineers, many with Grammys and platinum records, who mentor as partners with Recording Connection including: John King of Chung King Studios in New York, F. Reid Shippen, Ryan Hewitt, Warren Huart, Steven Baughman and John Altman.

Recording Connection was also recently featured in Larry King Now who calls the school “an amazing concept.” The school also offers tutoring and one year of Job Placement and career assistance counseling through their Stay Connected Program.

Don Zientara may be seen in episode two of Foo Fighters Sonic Highways, airing on HBO. For more information about Recording Connection, visit or call 800-755-7597.

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