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Should You Move to Los Angeles for Music Production

Los Angeles, La La Land, The City of Angels–as an (if not the) entertainment hub of the world, Los Angeles is a great place to be a music producer. The biggest names in the industry come here to work and play, movie studios need films to be scored, and recording studios can be found on every other street corner. So should you move to Los Angeles for music production? Absolutely!

With its vibrant music scene and ample resources, it’s an excellent place for getting your start in the industry. Plus, there are tons of opportunities to get connected with other people in the business. Los Angeles provides access to a lot of different music genres and cultures. You’ll be able to attend a variety of concerts, networking events, and workshops that can help you grow as a producer.

Plus, the city is filled with diverse people from all over the world who are into creating music. There will be no shortage of other creatives to collaborate with and talent to work with. Not to mention potential mentors that look forward to guiding the next generation of sound engineers and music producers.

If you’re looking to learn music production, Recording Connection puts you in the middle of the action from the start. Instead of a teacher and a classroom, you’ll be working with an experienced music producer in their studio, seeing how the music of today is made. Because this is real-world work, you’ll be making those oh-so-important connections you need to start your career.

Will I Have to Work Hard to be a Successful Music Producer in Los Angeles?

The cost of living is higher than in many other places, so it may take some money management skills to live comfortably while pursuing your dreams. This means picking up a job (or three) or finding a couple of roommates until you’re established in your music production career. Not to mention feeling like a small fish in a big pond.

And you’ll be competing with thousands of others that are in the same position as you: looking to make it big in the big city in the music industry. That means you’ll have to work that much harder than all of the other newbies while still competing with established studios and their producers.

Still, with apologies to New York City, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. The important thing to remember is that if this is what you want to do with your life, be prepared to give it your all. Many of the people you’re competing with weed themselves out–make sure you’re one of the ones that stick it out.

And with the Los Angeles Recording Connection, you’ll avoid massive student loan debt if you come here to learn music production. Instead of spending up to $50,000 (or more) at name universities, you’ll pay around $15,000 for one of our programs. Our programs last from six to nine months, meaning you can get a job before those university kids start their sophomore year.

And, you can do it from your home where you currently live, see below for Remote Learning opportunities with our Mentors in award winning studios. Yes, you can learn 1:1 with them from where you live right now.

Is Relocating to Los Angeles Worthwhile for Your Music Production Career?

So you’re up for the exciting challenge of moving to Los Angeles for Music Production. You’re willing to put in some hard work, act professionally, and responsibly move with intention toward a career in the music industry. Here are some things to consider before going all in.

What are the PROS of Moving to Los Angeles for Music Production?

  1. Los Angeles is a Music Industry Epicenter
  2. Many Educational Resources Available in LA
  3. Networking Opportunities in LA
  4. Music Training in LA

What are the CONS of Moving to Los Angeles for Music production?

  1. Cost of Living in LA
  2. Competition in LA

Los Angeles is a Music Industry Epicenter

Los Angeles is known for its vibrant music industry, with numerous recording studios, labels, and production companies. Being in a music-centric city can provide you with more opportunities to network, collaborate, and learn from experienced professionals.

You’ll want to take the time to absorb as much as you can while working on your skillset. You’ll have no problem finding small venues to take in intimate shows as well as the occasional blockbuster tour that comes through town for a couple of dates. Take in different genres and subgenres and see for yourself what works and what doesn’t.

Many Educational Resources Available in LA

Los Angeles offers access to reputable music schools and programs that can provide valuable training and guidance for aspiring music producers–including Recording Connection. Consider researching the educational institutions and courses available in the city to see if they align with your goals and budget.

Make sure you find one with real hands-on experience while working with professionals that know how to produce music in today’s world. There are plenty of careers where a diploma will help–music production isn’t one of them.

Networking Opportunities in LA

Moving to a city like Los Angeles can increase your chances of connecting with like-minded individuals, music artists, and industry professionals. Networking is crucial in the music industry, and being in a city that fosters collaboration can open doors to potential mentorship and career opportunities.

As they say, who you know is just as important as what you know. By building lasting relationships with others in the industry, you’ll cast a wider net when job opportunities become available. And remember: no job is too small. You can be choosy once you’ve hit it big.

Los Angeles Offers Many Opportunities to Train in Music

If you feel you need more training and guidance, Los Angeles can offer a wealth of resources to enhance your skills. Look into music production workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs that are available in the city to help you develop your craft. Recording Connection has based an entire curriculum on the mentor-extern relationship that gives you real-world experience in a professional studio from the start.

Los Angeles Cost of Living is High

But it all comes at a cost. Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, meaning rents will be higher, groceries will cost more, and the gear you’ll need to become a music producer will be that much more expensive. Not to mention the cost of transportation, studio time, and educational resources.

LA Music Industry is Competitive

As we stated earlier, Los Angeles is a highly competitive market for music production. The city attracts aspiring producers from around the world, making it a saturated industry. While this can create more opportunities, it also means you’ll need to work diligently to stand out and establish yourself.

Deciding to move to Los Angeles for music production can be both exciting and stressful. Ultimately, the decision should be based on your personal circumstances, goals, and resources. It’s essential to sit down and weigh the pros and cons of such a move.

Think about your financial situation and explore the cost of moving to LA. Give some thought to the support system and opportunities available to you in both Los Angeles and your current location. Each artist or musician’s experience will be unique, and it’s essential to make the right decision for your music career based on your circumstances.

Taking the time to carefully evaluate all your options will ensure that you make an informed decision that is best for you. And if you’re looking to learn music production, Recording Connection will give you the resources, mentoring, and connections you need to not only survive the LA market but thrive.

Can’t Move to Los Angeles?

You Can Still Work With LA Music Producers and Audio Engineers

For decades, Recording Connection has been giving students like you access to a world-class education in Los Angeles–if you live hundreds or thousands of miles away. With our remote learning opportunities and a powerful enough laptop or computer, you can still get an insider’s look at how music is made in today’s world.

While nothing beats being in the studio itself, working one-on-one remotely with a music producer with years of experience is the next best thing. Our mentors have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and look forward to sharing their knowledge with the next generation of music producers.

Remote access to our programs also means you can save money on moving, you won’t have to uproot your life, and you can learn from the comfort of your own home. While we have more than 300 locations around the U.S., not everyone will live close enough to one of our mentors and their professional recording studios. This gives everybody the chance to get a world-class education in music production.

And once you’ve reached the top of your game (still with room to grow), you can start making plans to take on Los Angeles.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.