A person at a soundboard in a recording studio to illustrate choosing the right audio engineering school in Los Angeles.

Choosing the Right Audio Engineering School in Los Angeles

If you’re looking to pursue a career in the music industry, audio engineering is a field that can offer a great deal of job satisfaction. Of course, before you can start your journey in the industry, you will need to find a good audio engineering school. When choosing the right audio engineering school in Los Angeles, there are a few factors to consider.

Education is crucial in acquiring the skills and knowledge needed for this field, and finding a program that meets your specific needs is key. Considerations when researching potential schools, including facilities, program structure, and faculty expertise. With a bit of research and determination, you can find the perfect school to get you on the road to a fulfilling career in audio engineering.

The Los Angeles Recording Connection offers several audio engineering programs, each designed to give you access to industry experts, state-of-the-art equipment, and experience that just can’t be matched in a university setting. There are also plenty of opportunities to network with other industry insiders, each with the ability to help your career down the road.

What is Audio Engineering?

An audio engineer or sound engineer is an essential component of the music industry in Los Angeles. They are responsible for setting up, operating, and maintaining all of the sound equipment used during live shows and in studio recordings. Audio engineers work to create high-quality recordings that capture the nuances of each artist’s performance.

Through their technical skills, they maintain a well-balanced mix between instruments, vocals, and other sounds. An audio engineer also has the important task of ensuring that musicians can hear themselves properly while performing—this requires careful planning on microphone placement and monitoring systems.

Choosing the Right Audio Engineering School in Los Angeles: Factors to Consider

When choosing an audio engineering school in Los Angeles, there are several factors you should consider. We feel the Recording Connection checks all of the boxes… and then some.

  • Curriculum
  • Facilities
  • Faculty
  • Industry Connections
  • Reputation
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Cost


A comprehensive program that covers various aspects of audio engineering is essential. From sound recording to mixing, editing, mastering, acoustics, and music theory, a top-quality audio engineering program should have it all. Technology is also a critical component of any program in this field, given that it is continuously evolving.

Take your time reviewing the curriculum of each school under consideration and find the right program to launch your career. Also, consider any classes or prerequisites you’ll be forced to take that don’t really fit into your career goals or that cover information/skills you already know.

Choosing the Right Audio Engineering School in Los Angeles: Facilities

It’s important to find a school that provides you with hands-on experience using the industry’s latest audio engineering equipment and facilities. Why settle for an education that is limited to theory when you can learn from the best by getting to work with actual professional tools? Take the time to visit the school, if possible, and check out their recording studios and editing suites.

Alternatively, research the facilities thoroughly to ensure that they have the newest and most up-to-date equipment available. If you want to learn how to make music in today’s world, it’s important to use the gear that today’s audio engineers are using.


One of the key factors when choosing an audio engineering school is to consider the qualifications and experience of the faculty members. This is where you’ll learn the fundamentals of the craft and develop your skills, so look for instructors who have industry experience and a solid background in audio engineering.

Learning from professionals who can provide practical insights and guidance can make a big difference in your education and future career. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions and dig deeper into the credentials of the faculty members when exploring your options for an audio engineering school.

For example, Los Angeles Recording Connection mentors are professional audio engineers that are currently working in the music industry. What better way to learn about audio engineering than from the people that are making the music that you listen to today?

Industry Connections

One crucial factor to consider is the alumni network and industry connections of the school. It’s important to look into the success stories of past graduates and the partnerships or internships the school has with reputable audio companies. These connections can provide not only valuable networking opportunities but also increase your chances of finding a job in the music industry after graduation.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to alumni (if possible) or ask about the school’s relationships with industry professionals during your research process. Remember, finding the right audio engineering school can be the key to launching a successful career in the audio industry.

Choosing the Right Audio Engineering School in Los Angeles: Reputation

LA is home to many renowned audio engineering institutions, so you will definitely have numerous options available. However, you must take into account the reputation of the school within the audio engineering community. By reading online reviews and speaking to current or former students, you can gain valuable insights into the school’s quality of education and overall experience

Additionally, seeking feedback from industry professionals is an excellent way to gauge the school’s reputation. Look for a school with a strong reputation, and you can be sure it is committed to providing a quality education that will help set you up for a successful career in the audio engineering industry.

Recording Connection has placed more than 25,000 students in the industry, including audio engineers. We also have hundreds of online reviews and endorsements from other industry professionals. Our students find work with their mentors as well as other studios because they know they’ve been taught the right way.

Job Placement Assistance

It’s important to find a Los Angeles audio engineering school that not only provides a strong education but also offers valuable real-world experience and networking opportunities. That’s why it’s crucial to inquire about any internship and job placement programs. A strong extern program will allow you to work with industry professionals and gain hands-on experience that is invaluable in the audio engineering world.

Also, job placement assistance can provide valuable support after graduation, helping you launch your career with confidence. Recording Connection offers up to one year of job-placement assistance after finishing our program.

Cost and Financial Aid

While tuition should not be the only factor considered in choosing a school, it’s important to evaluate its cost alongside the potential benefits it offers. Thankfully, there are many options available to help alleviate the burden of tuition, such as financial aid, scholarships, or grants, which make the opportunity to pursue a degree much more accessible.

When considering potential schools, remember to evaluate the return on investment. It’s important to not only look at the education provided but also the potential career opportunities available to graduates. Recording Connection’s programs cost just a fraction of university and trade schools and last between six and nine months. Why waste time and money if you don’t have to?

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting an audio engineering school that aligns with your goals and provides a solid foundation for your career in the field. The Recording Connection audio engineering and music production school checks all the boxes and offers incredible opportunities for you to network while you learn.

Because you’re learning in a professional studio, you’ll see professional audio engineers at work. You’ll see how they prepare for a session, how they interact with artists, and how they troubleshoot any issues. You may get the chance to work your own sessions and make your own connections with others in the Los Angeles music scene.

This kind of learning experience just isn’t available in a university environment. There are a lot of decisions you need to make if you attend an audio engineering school in Los Angeles. And while there are many top schools for audio engineering and music production in LA, we feel very few schools offer the holistic music business experience you’ll get with Recording Connection.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.