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Recording Connection grad Caleb Ostermann Gets (Unexpectedly) Hired to Take His Mentor’s Place

[break class=”double”][break class=”double no-mobile”] When Caleb Ostermann finally made the crucial decision to follow his bliss and build a professional career in music, he’d already taken a couple different educational...

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Recording Connection grad Neil O’Reilly Doubles Down on Music & Comes Out Winning!

[break class=”double”][break class=”double no-mobile”] [break side=”left”] Recording Connection grad Neil O’Reilly completed Recording Connection’s 6–9-month Audio Engineering & Music Production Program in 2019. And even though he graduated feeling on-fire...

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Recording Connection’s Best of 2021 Issue is Here!

[break class=”double”] IN 2021… [break class=”double”][break class=”double no-mobile”] Recording Connection grad & mentor Dawsøn Recorded Kanye West & Broke Livestream Records. [break side=”left”] On August 5th, 2021, when Kanye West...

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