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Recording Connection mentor Mack Woodward: How I Hired 18 Engineers During COVID-19.

Grammy-certified Recording Connection mentor Mack Woodward is a music producer and mixing engineer (Beyoncé, Maroon 5, Fergie, Outkast, Jamie Foxx) who’s dedicated to teaching tomorrow’s engineers and producers the skillset...

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Recording Connection mentor G.W. Childs on Passion-fueled Songwriting, Ableton Production, and more.

Recording Connection mentor G.W. Childs has a multifaceted career spanning decades. A songwriter, artist, and keyboardist with Soil & Eclipse, he’s also published books on Ableton, Propellerhead’s Reason, and served...

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What Does it Take to be a Music Producer?

How To Be A Music Producer? To become a successful music producer, you need to have passion and drive, a great work ethic, a sense of responsibility, strong business smarts...

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