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Recording Connection Grad Kelsey Anderson Goes from Unhappy to Hired at Universal Music Group!

[break class=”double”][break class=”double no-mobile”] [break side=”left”] [break side=”left”] Recording Connection graduate Kelsey Anderson had both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees and a job as an accountant when she found Recording...

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Recording Connection grad Kolby Benton Does Song with Borgore, Releases New Album & more!

[break class=”double”][break class=”double no-mobile”] [break side=”left”] Recording Connection graduate Kolby Benton aka Kayp grew up in a small town, so small that his graduating class had a whopping thirty people....

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Recording Connection mentor Lucas Abend on Getting Out of Your Way, Putting the Ego on Ice, and more!

Recording Connection mentor Lucas Abend (Snoop Dogg, Lost Kings, Krewella) is an artist/producer who’s passionate about helping others get the tools, training, and advice they need to make great-sounding music,...

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