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How to Get Your First Gig in New York City

New York City is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world for music lovers. With countless venues, diverse genres, and music fans looking for entertainment on a nightly...

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Teeming masses in downtown New York to illustrate Does New York Have a Good Music Scene

Does New York Have a Good Music Scene

Does New York have a Good Music Scene? When you think about the different genres of music that have come out of New York, the iconic venues, and the artists,...

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Recording Connection’s Best of 2021 Issue is Here!

[break class=”double”] IN 2021… [break class=”double”][break class=”double no-mobile”] Recording Connection grad & mentor Dawsøn Recorded Kanye West & Broke Livestream Records. [break side=”left”] On August 5th, 2021, when Kanye West...

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Recording Connection Grad Kelsey Anderson Goes from Unhappy to Hired at Universal Music Group!

[break class=”double”][break class=”double no-mobile”] [break side=”left”] [break side=”left”] Recording Connection graduate Kelsey Anderson had both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees and a job as an accountant when she found Recording...

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How to Grow Your Catalog as a Music Producer

A portfolio or catalog is a collection of music produced by a singer, songwriter, or other artists that haven’t been assigned, licensed, or sold. Basically, the music you create –...

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Recording Connection mentor Jony Mansilla on Being a Business & an Artist, Constantly Creating & more.

Recording Connection mentor Jony Mansilla is both the founder/owner of Jony Studios as well as a busy singer/songwriter who’s consistently producing his own music. We caught up with the entrepreneurial...

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