audio production

audio production

What is audio production if not both a creative endeavor and a technical undertaking? On the one hand, you have to have a feel for the music, vibe with the artist, and know when to just let things be. But you also have to understand how the software works to fix mistakes on the fly and make your clients sound the best they can.

What is Audio Production?Depending on who you ask, audio production may refer to the combination of sound engineering and music production, although there is still some overlap. A music producer should understand the technical aspects of making music, be able to jump on the mixing console if necessary and work directly with the artists.

The work of the music producers does end (or even begin) there. They are responsible for hiring the production team, securing the recording space, hiring background singers and instrumentalists, and overseeing the post-production of a song. Essentially, record producers see the music from beginning to end.

Audio engineers are responsible for helping artists sound the best they can possibly sound. The ability to “clean up” audio recordings in the moment, recognize and address imperfections during playback, and get the studio ready for a session all fall under the purview of the audio engineer.

What is Audio Production?
There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to producing a record. It all starts with a song being written–either by an artist or for someone else–and ends when then the song is ready for distribution. For movies, TV, and video games, it’s when the track is ready to be inserted into a scene.

Sound Mixing

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