Lesson 12: Music Mix Theory

Learn Music Mix Theory in Recording Connection Audio Engineering School lesson 12. Mixing is the process by which we audio engineers combine an entire multi-track session into a stereo track. Mixing is the place where technical skill and creativity come together, resulting in the creation of a song. Here we take all the live instrumentation, sequenced MIDI and effects, and seek to create a balance between the elements of the song. There is no one correct way to approach a mix, just as there is no one correct way to finish a mix. This chapter is about educating you on common aspects of mixing process, not about showing you how to mix. We get it, we sound a little like Gandalf the Grey sending Frodo out on a quest for the impossible; but the truth is that learning to mix is a bit like Frodo’s journey. The best suggestion for anyone new to the craft is to listen and watch others as much as possible, and above anything else, PRACTICE!! Mix everything you can get your hands on!


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