Lesson 1: The Role of a Producer

If the term “producer” seems just a bit confusing to you, know this: you are not alone.

The producer can be the person who made the beat on the track the artist is rapping/singing over, the person known for having a particularly good “ear” or for achieving a particular “sound.” They can be the person who hires much of the talent (beat makers, session musicians, mastering engineers). Or the person who edits or oversees the editing of the musical tracks and prepares and delivers those tracks to the mastering engineer, whom they’ve likely hired themselves. They can set and oversee expenditures, agreements, and make sure the album/song stays on-budget and gets delivered on-time. They can even be the person who gathers, vets, and sends off important deliverables like song titles, names of cowriters and musicians, and other important publishing information to the performance rights organizations or PROs (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC).

The term producer seems so multifarious for this reason—usually today’s modern music producer does all of those things, so hang on as we begin Recording Connection for Music Producing!


Describe what a producer is and does in today’s music industry.
Understand the importance of the different tasks a modern producer needs to complete to be successful.
Understand that concepts in the curriculum will help them achieve their goal of becoming a producer.
Understand the different tasks a modern-day music producer needs to accomplish and role they play in the outcome of the project they produce.
Display the ability to convey the importance of the job of the producer in the modern-day music industry.