Lesson 12: Midterm Exam

You’re halfway there! This chapter is dedicated to preparing you for your midterm. We have put a lot of valuable information in your hands and want to make sure you’re retaining it. From the role of the producer, to understanding your DAW Logic Pro X® or Pro ToolsTM and being able to construct and communicate various artistic ideas within its environment, to knowing the roots of musical notation and standards established during the Classical Period, interpreting classic and numeric musical notation, knowing song format, songwriting, the roles of various instruments in a song, how to organize an engaging composition, being able to construct scratch tracks, hear and analyze a song’s potential—all are facets of production which you have encountered and demonstrated thus far. Now, pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come in just a matter of weeks!

Remember, we want to make this as low stress as possible. Stressing out about the midterm helps no one. Proper review of Courses 1-11 and scheduling sessions with your Academic Facilitator will help you set yourself up for a beneficial midterm exam experience.


Display a comprehensive understanding of all previous concepts.
Operate with an understanding of the importance of the subjects covered when applying them to their works.
Effectively apply the concepts previously covered to their own works.
Be able to assess the effectiveness of how well previously covered concepts have been applied to their works.
Student’s works should reflect improvement based on subjects covered.