Lesson 13: Scratch Tracks and Demos

Scratch tracks and demos are essential to the production process. They provide context for ideas, work as a guide for the people involved, help to spark new ideas, and can significantly help you save time in the studio by providing a blueprint from which to work. But what’s most important about a demo is its function as a tool to sonically express a musical thought or idea. Being able to hear what’s there as well as envision what may improve the viability of a song or album is how you develop “the producer’s ear.”


Gain an understanding of the initial process of creating new musical pieces.
Understand why starting with a rough idea can lead to a better finished product.
Be able to create rough scratch tracks and demos for musical pieces.
Be able to determine whether a scratch track or demo represents the proper direction which will likely lead to the final product being what is visualized.
Be able to create scratch and demo tracks for musical ideas.