Lesson 14: Planning a Project

Imagine that you’re in charge of a session in which musicians were flown in from across the country to get certain parts laid down. Then, when you’re ready to have the project mixed, you realize certain parts which are essential to the arrangement are missing! Aside from the sheer embarrassment, the consequences could mean losing your job. To prevent such mishaps, you have to have a plan prior to that session.

Organization is the key to managing a successful recording project. From small to large scale recordings, there’s a whole host of moving pieces the producer must set in motion and keep track of. Knowing your objectives can keep you from making mistakes or burning out. From the budget, to the creative needs of the song or album, to making it possible for every artist and player to give their best at each of their respective levels and in accord with their own style and temperament are just some of what you get to manage as the producer.


Be able to understand a basic production schedule.
Be able to understand the importance of project management.
Be able to use the techniques in this course to plan their own future project schedules.
Be able to determine an effective approach to putting a project together.
Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of thoughtfully planning a project.