Lesson 15: Error Analysis

As the producer on a project, you are responsible for quality control. Sure, there may be others to help out. A good performer will know when they are off; a good engineer will be able to catch subtle mistakes, but when all is said and done, the producer has the final say on the product. Everyone looks to the producer as having “the ear” not only for good music but a great performance. So, it’s important for you to be able to recognize and appropriately address mistakes during the recording process. Doing so requires focus, ability, a cool head, tact, diplomacy, creativity, and more.


Understand that the ability to trouble shoot and work around issues that arise will be essential to their success as a producer.
Understand that technical errors and limitations can lead to roadblocks they will need to resolve to create a finished product.
Will put basic problem solving into practice in order to find solutions to problems that arise when creating music.
Understand the importance of effectively assessing, then finding resolutions to issues which arise to presently achieve success.
Demonstrate an ability to effectively problem solve potential issues.